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    • Connecting
      Our next two features announcements are around connectivity, streaming and communication.  These two features are Discord and Twitch accordingly.


      This will give you another way to communicate with site members.   OF course you need a discord account, but if you have the app on your phone you can receive a notification of someone being on, posting a message to arrange a game of something etc..   Or you can just use it to chat to compliment or an alternative to Xbox Live chat

      Once you have yourself a Discord account, joining couldn't be easier.   The widget is found on the forum index as below, simply click on the join us button



      If you want to show off your gaming skills or already have an established channel then you can put it up on here by going to our Streams feature.   BTW, if you want to submit some captures to  us, this is a great way to do it as you will be able to record your entire stream to go back and view / edit later.

      Again, assuming you have a Twitch account this is how you add your stream.  Hit the streams link on the main menu, then;

      Select the "Add New Stream" button

      Add your channel Title and Name, if you want to be notified of replies on the site to your channel (comments) hit the notify me of replies switch

      Enter your description and if you want to show your Twitch chat off, then hit that option too.   Pick save then everytime you are online and streaming on Twitch, it will appear here.


      There are plans for Mixer here as well.
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    • FIFA Pro Clubs Night
      Thursday from 8:30pm (GMT) we host a FIFA clubs evening. Everyone is welcome to join us and take part. You don’t need to be good or have a a goals to game ratio before we accept you. Trust me if you see how we play you know why we don’t. All we ask for is to join in with the banter that is throw about therefore a headset is a must.

      Party chats are hosted by either @M J Pound , @KPDub, @ITSJUSTGlenn or @Medics there please ensure you have us on your friends list so you can see when the party chat goes live.
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    • Why the privacy policy change
      Most of you will probably have heard about GDPR by now, for those that haven't, then long story short, we need to ensure we handle any data on you in the correct way and make you aware of what we collect, how we use it, your right to have it removed.
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    • TFIF Friday 11th May 2018
      Come and join us tonight and get your chicken dinner courtesy of our TFIF event. 

      Party will be open from 8.30pm and even if you don't have the game come and join the party for some banter. 
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    • TFIF Friday 27th April - Prominence Poker
      On Friday 27th April we will be hosting our weekly gaming night (TFIF) with the game being Prominence Poker. We will get together in a party chat and depending on the turn out arrange some games and in turn have a laugh and hopefully a enjoyable evening.

      If your interested please post your interest below so we know who to send a party invite out to.

      Even if you don’t own the game it would be brilliant if you could join us for a chat. Also if you are a new or silver member and would like to take part in our tournaments and competitions then this is an excellent way in getting to know us and get your account upgraded to gold where you will have more site benefits and access to these prize winning events.

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