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  2. Massively impressive - trouble is I watch these videos thinking 'if they can do it on their own, we will walk it as a Fireteam', then fail miserably
  3. Wow, that was really impressive. Cheers for the vid Hooky.
  4. Riskrunner was quite good for that Strike. I Used it on one of my Nightfall runs
  5. Destiny 2 - Solo Nightfall: Exodus Crash Completion

    That was pretty impressive. I want that exotic energy weapon he uses. It looks like he hardly ever has to reload it .
  6. I thought this was some amazing game skill.
  7. Spoiler free tips and tricks

    I suppose I'll kick this one off. I'm sure as we all play more, that people will be able to add a lot more to this thread. I mentioned it in the other thread as well, but for anyone who missed it. Try to keep hold of 5 blue (or purple if they're rubbish) Scout Rifles. Stick 'em into your vault and you'll know when you need them. One thing I wish I did know when I was starting to level up was about the mods on guns. If you get a purple drop, and it's a weapon type you like using then check out it's details. You wanna check the mods for purple mods. They should have a 5 attack for weapons and 5 defense for armour pieces and class items. This can be useful for getting over the 265 soft cap. As an example let's say you have a 265 hand cannon (Gun A) and you get an identical drop (Gun B) that is 265. Check the mods on your new drop (Gun B). If it has a purple mod it means that the base level of Gun B is not actually 265, it's 260, so you should infuse Gun A into Gun B and it will boost it's power level to 270. This would be easier if when you scrapped a gun with a mod it gave you the mod back, but it doesn't work that way unfortunately. Hahah, that seems about as clear as mud. If anyone has questions, then ask away and I will try to explain a little better, or hopefully someone else can come in and explain what I'm trying to explain in a clear and concise way. Anyway, I hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing what others add to this thread.
  8. Destiny 2

    Okay, moving now Club owner should have the ability to split this post out if required for tips etc..
  9. Destiny 2

    Cool, there's a few things that'd be worth posting for Destiny, like tips on levelling up or whatever, and I think they'd just get lost amongst the general posts in here if we only had this thread. Here is a tip anyway. If you don't already know, hold onto 5 blue or purple scout rifles (doesn't matter if they are kinetic or not) for the endgame. You can just stick 'em in your vault, you'll know when you need them.
  10. Destiny 2

    FYI guys, will move this to the Destiny club soon
  11. Destiny 2

    Cheers mate. Will be on later so will keep an eye out for you. If not tonight then I will be about over the weekend to get it done
  12. Destiny 2

  13. Destiny 2

    Just sent you both a clan invite.
  14. Destiny 2

    Fiery Devils mate. It's not affiliated with any other forum. If I get on later (and can figure out how) I'll fire you and Bresy an invite over.
  15. Destiny 2

    What clan has everyone moved to now, as just looked on the bungie site and there's only me and bresy left?
  16. Destiny 2

    The Rat King will probably be good for mobs if we've got a full team using them, but for bosses I still think the Merciless might be the way to go. Anyway, at this point it's all just guess work until we get into the raid and see what's what. Not sure if I'll be about later yet, but I should be about over the weekend if you want a hand mate. Ideally there's someone else on here running the quest as well as you can't do it on your own, you need members of your fireteam to either have the quest, or have the gun equipped while others are doing the quest, otherwise you can't do it. Anyway, yeah, if you see me on, and want help with the quest, just gimme a shout. Same goes for anyone else as well.
  17. Destiny 2

    Still got to do all the Rat King stuff actually
  18. Destiny 2

    Anyway I thought you wanted to run the Raid with 6 Rat King's that in itself would cut out the ability to use the Merciless
  19. Destiny 2

    Too Right I'm a Cheapskate I only have around 90 Shards for my Infusions
  20. Destiny 2

    Yeah I have that Merciless and it does seem like it could be good for bosses. I Already have the Hunter chest piece but may buy the Titan gauntlets to give my Titan an easy boost for when I get it to Lvl 20
  21. Destiny 2

    I can see this Fusion Rifle being great for bosses on the raid and Nightfall's. A team of 6 with it equipped should make pretty easy work of bosses imo. It's only 29 shards anyway, ya cheapskate.
  22. Destiny 2

    Don't really like Fusion Rifles only reason I have one Equipped is because it's the Highest lvl power item I have at the moment Might look at the Armour hopefully it's a Chest piece as that's the only Piece I have's found an Exotic for so far for my Warlock
  23. Destiny 2

    Nope. No idea what you two are on about. On another note, was kinda disappointed with Xur this week. He's only selling 4 exotics, the Merciless (an exotic fusion rifle that is probably a must buy if you don't have it) for 29 shards, and an exotic armour piece for each class for 23 shards. Was hoping he was gonna sell the ornaments for exotics or an exotic engram or something. Oh well, I'll keep my shards this week as I already have the Merciless. Oh yeah, the light/power level for these are set at 270, so if you're a lower level these could give you a boost.
  24. Destiny 2

    Yeah that does sound like him
  25. Destiny 2

    Anyone getting this? I Played the first game for hundreds of hours simply because it was so addictive to play with friends. Especially the Raids which are the best co-op experiences I've ever had. Would be good to get together to take on Destiny 2 if others are getting it. I'm not looking to be one of those people that rushes through everything to be end-game ready as soon as I possibly can but just to enjoy the game for what it is at my own leisurely pace and then take on end game activities as and when I get there. If people are interested then I will get a club set up