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Monthly challenges featuring titles from Games with gold

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  2. Gone Home

    That’s the vid I used too, I will try it again when I am in a better mood and watch the credits 😠
  3. Gone Home

    I have heard this achievement is glitchy as well. Some people say you HAVE to watch the end credits for it to pop. It's been a while since I got this one, but I can remember it taking a few attempts before unlocking. I think I used this video for help getting the achievement.
  4. Gone Home

    Yeah, I’ve been there. Controls in this game are not good enough for timed achievements like this one. Don’t remember exactly how many tries it took me. But definitely too many...
  5. Gone Home

    Thanks for the tips, have tried this and still struggling. Going to throw the controller out of the window soon
  6. Gone Home

    This one is quite annoying indeed. Took me a few tries to complete. First tip is obvious but don’t forget to skip the intro as the timer starts as soon as the loading screen ends. Second tip is for the hidden door, which is indeed pretty tricky to open fast. Walk up to it, press A to open as soon as the question mark is displayed and immediately back up (otherwise it won’t open fully). And finally, you can increase the brightness to the max in the setting to make the walk in the dark a bit easier...
  7. Gone Home

    I know what to do but cannot get it done within the time. The stupid hidden door will not open for me smoothly
  8. Theres a few hidden achievements in this game and the hardest one is to complete the game in less than 1 minute with no Modifiers enabled. Let's see who can do it, by posting up the achievement below. Good luck
  9. Forza 5

  10. AMERICAN LEGEND TIME TRIAL To access this trial go to; Rivals Spec Challenge select American Legend The trial is locked to a Ford GT40 -Post your time up, fastest wins This trial runs until midnight 30th September and if you can submit historic times if you like
  11. LAKE POWELL TIME TRIAL To access this trial go to; Single Player select Race then select the track "Lake Powell" You can use any boat you have unlocked. Post your time up, fastest wins This trial runs until midnight 30th September and if you can submit historic times if you like
  12. Well, this is very simple. As you all know, you can get four free games a month courtesy of Games with Gold. We will be featuring at least one game a month in here, issuing a challenge relating to that game, the challenges will form either; a timed challenge (i.e see how fast you can do something) Score challenge - see how high a score you can get on a specific level gamerscore challenge - see how many achievements you can get on a game in the period Whilst we will mostly be featuring games from the current months release, popular games may stay around for a month or two, perhaps make a cameo return and we will also consider bringing back historic game from gold titles as well depending on demand, so feel free to request those The winner each month/period will receive a shiny award