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  1. Today
  2. Hamilton vs Vettel

    Didn't watch it, rarely watch F1 now as it got boring again. Both as bad as each other I think. Both bad losers and worse winners and always look to blame something or someone if they don't win. Putting that to one-side and from what I've read, does sound like Hamilton was hard done by on this though
  3. Stepping into the 4k era

    Over £800 to play games, madness
  4. Forza Horizon 3 VIP is on sale this week in the xbox store. Its now £4.18 reduced from £16.74 Those of you that have it, is there much in it being a VIP.
  5. Forza Horizons

    In anticipation of our Forza events and challenges starting in July, join us as we have some racing fun on one of the Forza Horizon games. A poll will be put up to see the most popular Forza to play on the night.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Stepping into the 4k era

  8. Stepping into the 4k era

    So I've sold my plasma screen TV and Blu-ray player and gone for this TV https://www.amazon.co.uk/Toshiba-43U6663DB-Freeview-Smart-Ultra/dp/B0716BKKX4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1498502759&sr=8-1&keywords=toshiba+43u6663db+43+inch+4k+ultra+hd It's £100 cheaper at AO.com I've also ordered a 1tb Xbox one s with 4 games and a Now TV Pass from GAME for £269.99 using all my saved loyalty points and GAME wallet funds.
  9. The Golf Club 2

    i was also interested in this.
  10. What games are on your radar?

    Will probably go for COD WW2, Assassins creed origins and Forza 7. Will try and use the EA Access trials option for Star Wars Battlefront 2, Anthem and Fifa 18. Ive currently got so many games that I need to delete or sell to get these
  11. Last week
  12. What games are on your radar?

    Forza 7 looks great. It looks like they fixed up the wheel code and are doing time and weather cycles. They're also promising cool streaming modes via Mixer so that could make it a better spectator game. However, they're still neglecting a lot of racing things which is why I'm also looking forward to... Project Cars 2. This will hopefully address tons of problems with the Xbox version and also promises to run at 4k/60fps so hopefully it will look better than the original. They're aiming high and have a cult following. They want to be the next big player on the console and I hope that they can do it. We might even get cross play between PC/Xbox/Playstation...maybe. Sony doesn't like to share. The Crew 2 looks alright. The Crew sucked but the sequel has planes and boats. I'll get my car fix elsewhere but racing planes? Sweet. Non-Xbox games that look cool for systems I don' t have are Mario Odyssey, Gran Turismo Sport, and that Mario/Rabbids/X-Com thing looks fun. X-Com was too hard for me.
  13. What games are on your radar?

    Undecided yet, am tempted by MW 2 and Assassins Creed Origins but not much else. I do have alot of credit at Game I need to use so might use it on them. Might check out some of the videos from E3 at some point.
  14. Forza 7

    dont have a link but it comes with 4 day early access, vip membership and car pass and a steel box case
  15. Forza 7

    What are the pre order perks beside the Porsche? Got a link?
  16. Forza 7

    just pre ordered the ultimate edition from game that comes with a free model porsche
  17. Hamilton vs Vettel

    Hamilton did not brake test, but Vettel was in the wrong for pulling along side of him and then driving into him on purpose
  18. Hamilton vs Vettel

    Just wanted to see what people thought of the incident today between Vettel and Hamilton. evidence from the stewards say Hamilton did not brake test as Vettel is claiming as lifted off as he did previously, but wanted to see if people felt Vettel was in the right to pull along side of him and drive into him?
  19. Le Mans

    For the first time ever, I gave a damn about the amateur prototype class at this year's Le Mans. The prototype class was a mess (poor Toyota again) but it highlighted Jackie Chan's team and how large the amateur class is. I really enjoyed it. My favorite is GT Pro. I love those cars and I think that's the most entertaining to watch in IMSA and WEC. But what do you like to drive? It inspired me to drive more prototype cars in Forza just to mess around. They're too damn fast for me to feel comfortable but I want to keep trying. I'm still a fan of the GT cars and have the most miles in those for sure. What do you think? What do you like to watch vs. what do you like to play? Here I am trying out the Toyota.
  20. Forza Motorsport 7 Release

    Pre order and play it a few days earlier.
  21. What games are on your radar?

    The games on my radar are the following Call of Duty World War 2 Forza Motorsport 7 Assassin's Creed Origins
  22. Anthem

    looks a cool game, will play the demo if it gets one
  23. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    My boyfriend has a 4K tv but he will not let me set up my console to his tv, so no I wont be getting a Xbox One X as I cant afford to get a new console and tv
  24. Forza 7

    will definitely getting this game as I do love the Forza Motorsport games
  25. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    Honestly there is a difference but if there is nothing wrong with your current TV I wouldn't go out just to buy it. I don't see as much of a jump as there was to HD
  26. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    I've been saving up for the Xbox One X since it was announced and have got well over £500 for it put by, since my day one edition Xbox one's disk drive has been dodgy for the past few months it's only a matter of time before it fails and I was hoping it would last until November. But for the money I have I can buy a 4k TV (I only have a plasma screen TV) and an Xbox one S for near enough the same money as an Xbox one X. Those of you that have a 4k TV linked to an Xbox one s, is there much of a difference in quality and graphics and do you use the UHD Blu-ray player?
  27. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    Like Dub above I dont have a 4k TV so it will be pointless. My Xbox One S is perfectly fine.
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