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  2. November 17th - Gears of War 2

    correction i cant get past the main 'press start' screen of the game because its been updating network settings for 15minutes.
  3. November 17th - Gears of War 2

    If you have installed the game but not loaded it you may have a few minutes to wait for 360 data to be downloaded. Just a heads up.
  4. AI

    I remember reading that they absolutely would not do a demo of the game. I'm not sure why. I can recommend staying away if you do depend on the joystick. I've heard "acceptable" at best for gamepad control. Stick with Forza. Less options but a much better experience with the joystick. If one did choose to pick it up, it's on sale for $42 (30% off) right now. There are lots and lots of bugs but AI is better than this video.
  5. Favourite Christmas Films

    Never really got to watch Christmas Movies I always seem to get the Short end of the Stick and have to Work all over Christmas in fact this year is the First I'm having Christmas day and Boxing day off for about 10 years
  6. Favourite Christmas Films

    Believe it or not, Gremlins and Lethal Weapon are considered Christmas movies
  7. Assassins Creed Origins

    Have started this and done 2 hours maximum, but havent really acomplished much but is such a gorgeous looking game that i dont mind taking my time.
  8. Trackmania Turbo Challenge

    It’s no good, I can’t improve my time
  9. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Yes but there are rumours going around about that system being in this game. So they have now stopped Micro transactions on a temporary basis but the issue of loot boxes remains. Get rid of them. Or make it so that they only contain cosmetics and make the character improving star cards available for completing in-game tasks. Get 50 kills with Assault class to Unlock this Assault Card etc As for WW2, the game doesn't have any P2W elements as far as i'm aware. It has gun variants but all they do is give more XP rather than having improved range or damage stats etc
  10. Assassins Creed Origins

    I'm Loving it am Finding it 1000 times Better than 3 or Unity in fact it's taking over from Brotherhood and Black Flag as my Favourite
  11. Is the Force strong with this one?

    You still Buy the Star Cards but it's with ingame Credits now what they have done is put a stop to Buying the Crystals with Real Money to get the star cards as for the Matchmaking Rumour that's not Battlefront 2 that's Activision Still not sure how True they are maybe people who have played MP on WW2 will know better
  12. Assassins Creed Origins

    Started playing this earlier in the week and I'm struggling to get into it for some reason. Seems like a massive game with plenty to do but it just doesn't seem to do a good job of making me actually want to do it. Anyone else have this? Does it get better the more it opens up!?
  13. AI

    Haven't bothered with this game due to being a controller player. I Was hoping that there would be a Demo for it so I could judge it for myself
  14. What's your favourite lager?

    I Rarely have any. I Used to like Bitters, Ales & Guinness but for Xmas, I normally buy a bottle of Capt Morgans Spiced Rum. Or, if its on offer, a bottle of Kraken Rum
  15. How do you like your steak?

    Medium here too
  16. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Sadly, that's not the Pay to Win element that people are complaining about. Its the Star Cards which boost your characters abilities by quite a considerable margin that seem to be the problem. Also, there has been reports floating around of a match making system that purposefully puts lower ranked players in with higher levelled players that have a lot of the good stuff equipped as its more likely to make you want that stuff and then start paying out money for loot crates as a result. If true, that's shocking.
  17. AI

    Hmmm, this seems a hang over from the first game. I don't have the video, probalby on my feed, but I encountered this on Project Cars 1 racing with saloon cars or something. Anyway, was one of the last turns of a track (can't remember which one) but I was in last, came to the corner and there was a 20+car traffic jam because one crashed on the corner, I had to bash my way through it and when I got there the next lap, there was still a traffic jam and the next lap and the next
  18. What's your favourite lager?

    I must admit I don't mind Fosters, like above it's usually whatever is on offer especially around xmas and BBQ time. Corona and Peroni are my faves but quite partial to the lower alcohol ones cut with a bit of lemon or lime. Cubanista (lager and rum) is amazing, but nowhere round here sells it anymore, used to be available at Morrisons but they've stopped it
  19. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Im gonna hold off its been temporaily and wait and see if they remove the pay to win or are they just trying to save launch weekend sales
  20. Is the Force strong with this one?

    I'm glad at that. Might get it now.
  21. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Seems they have now disabled the pay to win side of things, you now unlock the heroes by playing the game through.
  22. What's your favourite lager?

    If I had a choice it would be Estrella, Coors, Fosters in that order. Will still go for any offers on Bud and the like to vary it up though
  23. Yesterday
  24. What's your favourite lager?

    Don’t have a favourite whatever is on offer. Bud, Fosters, Carling ect. More of a vodka drinker myself
  25. How do you like your steak?

    Medium man myself
  26. What's your favourite lager?

    Like myself a Fosters with either a Dash of Lime or turned into a Shandy
  27. How do you like your steak?

    Always been a Medium Rare Lover I like a Little Blood When my Dad was Alive he liked in thrown in the pan turned over and thrown on the Plate think he called it Blue I always Pictured him Running after a Cow with a Knife and Fork
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