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  2. TGIF - Prominence Poker

    This weeks games TGIF event will be on the free poker game Prominence Poker. Event as usual will start at 8:30pm. Please can everyone register their interest so when 8:30 comes we know who to send invites out. As this is a Poker game I will not be broadcasting this week however a big thank you to those who did view last weeks TGIF on Pure Pool.
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  4. Hats off to Wenger

    It’s brilliant
  5. Hats off to Wenger

    YouTube is having a field day
  6. Hats off to Wenger

  7. Hats off to Wenger

    Saw this and thought of Est
  8. Hats off to Wenger

    He told Mike Dean that he is not an honest person and that he is a disgrace. Not going to argue with him on that.
  9. Hats off to Wenger

    What did he say?
  10. If Wenger thought he was hard done by..

    Saw this but doubt that Mr Magoo did
  11. .check this video out. A player (already booked) has the ref run across him, resulting in the ref accidentaly being tripped up, the ref kicks the Nantes player, then gives him a second yellow for the pleasure as well as awarding PSG a free kick for it. Needless to say, the french FA have banned the ref
  12. Hats off to Wenger

    I know you Arsneal fans give him a lot of stick for how he is managing Arsenal, but what he has rumoured to have said to the ref is priceless, he has said what we've been saying and talking about down the pub, at work etc.. for ages. Well done for someone saying it I say.
  13. Smart Watch

    In my experience with smart watches, it can turn the wearer into someone who comes across as ignorant, so beware. I say this as I know a few people who have them and due to the alerts they receive (text, email, twitter...) they are constantly looking at their watch to see what it is - so when you are trying to have a conversation with them it is incredibly off putting as they get conditioned to check it and then of course they aren't listening to you, which in turn to me is ignorant. My wife has a fitbit and whilst it doesn't have all functionaity of a proper smart watch, she finds it distracting as it vibrates when she gets a text, which is worse when she is driving. But at least she doesn't check it all the time when you are talking to her, she knows she needs to check her phone when the time is appropriate. She says she would never buy a smart watch based on her limited expeperience with the fitbit, although she says the fitness feedback to her phone is very good and useful, just hates her fitbit vibrating whenever she gets a text, although I'm sure that could be turned off
  14. Smart Watch

    Apple watches are good and so is the fitbit blaze and ionic. just as good not as feature heavy as apple watch but you can save a lot of money with fitbit.
  15. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Lots of rumours regarding 3 more out and 3 in for Arsenal. 3 Out: Debuchy Walcott Alexis 3 In: Evans Malcom Aubameyang Not really sure about Evans but would be happy with the other 2 as replacements for Alexis and Theo. Now, If Gazidis and Kroenke would kindly piss off as well!
  16. City not so invincible

    Appreciate it... also for taking a CL spot
  17. Earlier
  18. City not so invincible

    I'm sure the Arsenal fans will be happy with Citys unbeaten league season coming to an end at Anfield. I felt earlier in the season we were more than capable beating them, the Mane sending off changed it all. Once again, we have shown how to beat them, press, press, press - Mourinho should take note and not park the bus. I felt the result flattered City, we could have had more and did our usual capitulation and lost concentration and panicked, which has cost us so many points, rather than the oppo earning the points. But anyway, still only one undefeatables - to Arsenal fans - you're welcome
  19. Smart Watch

    In need of getting a watch, the current one I have the battery died and thought about getting replaced but then thought maybe time to invest in a smart watch. Anyone currently have one and can reccomed one. Looking at Apple Watch due to having a iPhone however hear the fitbits are just as good. I am no fitness freak but be interested in seeing what I get up to during the day just like the idea of having some sort of notification in reach esp with my mrs due in the next couple of months
  20. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Latest Arsenal rumour doing the rounds for a few weeks and, if true then it should be a national holiday.... Wenger out and Ancelotti in
  21. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Like he did with Lemar in the summer. Bid £92m for him just before he was due to play for France and left him no chance to think about it or to convince him that it's the right move. Instead he relied on Giroud, Lacazette and Koscielny going Into his hotel room and trying to convince the player for him. Arsenal squad needs such a mass overhaul now, it's ridiculous.
  22. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Just watch Wenger make his moves at 10.59.59 on January 31st
  23. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Yeah if I was Wenger, I'd cash in on Sanchez and Ozil this window, if they were going to sign a new contract, it would have happened already, same for Wilshere, who on his day can be brilliant, but (much like Sturridge for us) he seems to be made of glass and spends far too much time on the treatment table. Could get £75m for those thre , plus the £12m you got for Coquilen and could realistically get some good players for that 87m, round it up to 100m (with an arm twist) and I think that money would buy you; David Luiz (Chelsea) - 20m to 40m Turan (Barcelona) - 10m Evans (West Brom) - 20m Rakitic / Rafinha (Barcelona) maybe both - 15m to 30m But all the above would strenghten the Arsenal team and (other than Evans) would bring that flair and skill associate with Arsenal
  24. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Sick of hearing about Alexis to City. Just let him go and cash in on him for whatever you can get now FFS.
  25. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Now that their usual shameless manhunt has been done, looks like Ivan Rakitic wants out of Barca. Two clubs have been linked with signing him. One, naturally of course, will happily let their fraudulent out of touch head-up-his-own-arse accountant to sit on both thumbs - doing what he does best (ie: f-all) while the other has Champions League football and £140m hanging around. Hmmm. I wonder who Rak might sign for...
  26. Moan moan moan moaninho

    I think he has overstepped the mark now having a go at Conte and alleged max fixing, Conte reacted well (although threw an insult back) given Mourinhos comments could be construed as libellous
  27. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Well guess I was wrong on him going. Good price for him though, but let's hope that a large percentage of that is cash and none of this incentive rubbish. Either way, I still hope now the deal is done that we go after them for tapping up, I have no idea how Barca continually get away with it, 3rd time for us now they have tapped our players up (Mascherano, Suarez and Coutinho) using various methods from social media, ex and current players, sponsors, even the managers and barca chairman themselves. Not just us either effected, their shameless pursuit of Fabregas, not to mention Henry and Larsson. Why to UEFA / FIFA continually turn a blind eye to their behaviour? IF it was an English club we would have been done. I dont think our owners are in it for the money as per above picture, I fully expect that money to be reinvested sensibly though and no panic buys. Not happy we are linked with Mahrez who I think is a lazy player and nowhere near worth the £50m being touted. Not sure about this Lemar either with the silly figures touted, doing well in the French league is one thing, the prem is another. TBH, I'd quite like to see Woodburn get a go, I do think this boy has some talent and given a run I think he could flourish
  28. New Transfer Window Rumours

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