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  2. New Features Galore

    FYI - The Awards tab looks like there's a menu beneath it but it's empty.
  3. I found the loyalty rewards for Forza 7. Tier Driver Suit Badge Cumulative Prize Crates 2 Forza Motorsport 7 Tier 2 Badge 1 3 Forza Horizon 3 Tier 3 Badge 2 4 Forza Motorsport 6 Tier 4 Badge 3 5 Forza Horizon 2 Tier 5 Badge 4 6 Forza Motorsport 5 Tier 6 Badge 5 7 Forza Horizon Tier 7 Badge 6 8 Forza Motorsport 4 Tier 8 Badge 7 9 Forza Motorsport 3 Tier 9 Badge 8 10 Forza Motorsport 2 Tier 10 Badge 9 11 Forza Motorsport Tier 11 Badge 10 I'm sitting at level 9, close to 10 but not before release. I dig the red helmet on the FM4 firesuit. I think that these are ordered in reverse. The far right is the tier 2 reward and left is tier 11.
  4. Chicago Fire (Bresy) 1v2 FC Seoul (xPoundyx)
  5. New Features Galore

    Going to delay the awards for just over a week (let's aim for weekend 7th Oct) because there are two major updates due (one this week, one next) and being totally honest, I can't be arsed doing something this week, to unpick it next, then add extra the week after. However, Member of the Month is live, you will see a widget top right on the board index. Click on the link or using MOTM from the awards menu, type in your nomination and submit
  6. Project CARS 2

  7. I thought this was some amazing game skill.
  8. Forza 7 Demo Out Now

    Prefer the Horizons to the Normal Forza's but not really into Driving Games saying that I have every Forza except the First one and will Probably end up getting this one in the end as well
  9. Chicago Fire (Bresy) v FC Seoul (xPoundyx)

    Sorry had mini emergency yesterday missus is due to have our baby and thought we where off his. I'm free tonight and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night
  10. Anyone play CoD Much?

    I play cod have them all apart from Ghosts, but will be holding off getting the new one as i only have enough money to get Forza 7
  11. FIFA 18 - 10 hour free time

    i am in the middle of installing it
  12. Forza 7 Demo Out Now

    I am getting it but I am confused as I have ordered it in a shop and get 4 days early access but dont know if i can get it 4 days early or only on release day
  13. Last week
  14. NYC FC (Loodychris) v Santos (MEDICS)

    @Loodychris, @Medics
  15. As I havent heard from @MrTUBESSSS I am awarding a 1 - 0 win to @KPDub
  16. New Features Galore

    Bare with me please guys, a combination of free time and the faff to get the graphics right and it's taking me a couple of extra days, nearly there
  17. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Good win in the end but my god that ref did his best to give Leicester some points. how was it a pen when Mignolet clearly kicks the ball first only for follow through to catch Vardy, who in his cheating style takes a dive. gives Leicester a free kick when the Ox plays the ball, then catches Ineacho, this is soon going to be a non contact sport if you can't make a challenge as it makes no odds if you win the ball cleanly first touch of offside for their second too and don't get me started on the number of times Simpson pulled back a plate and never got booked (was at least 7 btw)
  18. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Good half at the KP stadium, but Leicesters goal shouldn't have counted. Ignore that it came from a phase of play where Vardy dived to get a free kick (although stupid challenge from Matip), but Mignolet clearly being fouled and held to stop him getting the cross. But saying that, yet another corner where we just can't defend for toffee Edit, and the goal was offside and happened in the 3rd minute of two added minutes - wtf
  19. First Impressions?

    So, what did you think? I was very impressed with the menus and systems in-game. I started a career in formula rookie and had a lot of fun throughout. I did experience one awful bug (read about it here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?51472-Pole-to-12th) where I was automatically put 1m20s behind the whole field at start even when I started on pole. Check on the forum post I made for the details and video link. This is a big bug. It is embarrassing that it shipped with a bug like this but I'm confident that we'll see a fix soon. The workaround is to restart the game and it seems to honor position. Other than that, I think the physics felt very smooth on the karts and rookie cars. It looks good. It doesn't look like Forza 7 or even Forza 6 (on the XBox One Standard) but the weather and time of day progression is very very well done. I might get some game time in this weekend. I want to finish the first part of my career.
  20. Project CARS 2

    It's releasing midnight, EST, 9/22...which for me is 9PM 9/21. Confusing. I'm also dumb.
  21. Forza 7 Demo

    It looks like PRC feels about the same. https://pretendracecars.net/2017/09/20/i-didnt-enjoy-the-forza-7-demo/
  22. Forza 7 Demo

    I agree with you completely. Rolling starts were added to 6 with the NASCAR pack. I'm pretty sure we'll get those back in 7 as the work has already been done. I play less multiplayer than career/time trial/rivals as well. This is mainly because multiplayer problems are ignored. In this case, it seems, in favor of "loot crates".
  23. Forza 7 Demo

    I'm not an expert or anything, just a casual gamer that likes Forza games so....... my take on it: The game is obviously very good looking. I Cant wait to have this game running on a One X on my 4K TV. I Have been playing Forza 5 a bit recently and coming from that, this game feels more Sim-like than 5. I Haven't played 6 for ages and cant remember what that was like. I Was using the Beetle...... oh, sorry, I was using the Porsche...... and intentionally kicking its backside out. With previous Forza games, doing that while using the Sim steering would usually result in you fish-tailing all over the place and, 9 times out of 10, you would end up spinning out but this game allows you to control the slide better and get it back under control which is nice for an exclusive pad player like myself. I Didn't really have enough time on it to get a feel for the AI but will play it again later to see what they are like. I Didn't like the HUD and I didn't like the camera shake effect's. I Turned them off straight away but it didn't fully remove it like I was hoping. For me, that's something I could probably get used to after a while of playing anyway although I would rather that I had the option to remove it completely. I Don't care about the character customisation. I Don't care about Mod cards being in the game providing I can just avoid using them like in F6. I Don't care about having extra assists for those that require them. I'm not someone who tends to bother with multiplayer races much so not fussed about any of that. One thing I would like the option to change though is having standing starts as opposed to rolling starts.
  24. Spoiler free tips and tricks

    I suppose I'll kick this one off. I'm sure as we all play more, that people will be able to add a lot more to this thread. I mentioned it in the other thread as well, but for anyone who missed it. Try to keep hold of 5 blue (or purple if they're rubbish) Scout Rifles. Stick 'em into your vault and you'll know when you need them. One thing I wish I did know when I was starting to level up was about the mods on guns. If you get a purple drop, and it's a weapon type you like using then check out it's details. You wanna check the mods for purple mods. They should have a 5 attack for weapons and 5 defense for armour pieces and class items. This can be useful for getting over the 265 soft cap. As an example let's say you have a 265 hand cannon (Gun A) and you get an identical drop (Gun B) that is 265. Check the mods on your new drop (Gun B). If it has a purple mod it means that the base level of Gun B is not actually 265, it's 260, so you should infuse Gun A into Gun B and it will boost it's power level to 270. This would be easier if when you scrapped a gun with a mod it gave you the mod back, but it doesn't work that way unfortunately. Hahah, that seems about as clear as mud. If anyone has questions, then ask away and I will try to explain a little better, or hopefully someone else can come in and explain what I'm trying to explain in a clear and concise way. Anyway, I hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing what others add to this thread.
  25. Correct Moon Phase

    I found out that this was purely coincidence. I was fooled!
  26. Forza 7 Demo

    Well, I've given the DEMO a try and I feel disappointed. Good: It's beautiful. Puddles, sun, clouds, cars, and everything else looks amazing. Seeing this in 4K HDR later on will be a treat. I think it makes Project CARS 2 look outdated already. It sounds great. The dynamic sound is nice (if you like music while you play) and the cars sound like I think they should. More fine-tuning in the control department for wheel users like me. Tons of cars. Though you'll probably find a dozen or two "go-to" cars, this makes spec challenges all the more interesting because nobody will be an expert in all cars on all tracks. Mugello is back. Bad: The HUD shakes mercilessly. Fortunately it shakes less in the cockpit view but still enough to be frustrating. The wheel feels different but not in a good way. They worked on it. Forza 5 and 6 felt the same. 7 is different. I played with it but couldn't figure out how to make it feel good (to me). Some assists have been added to aid absolute beginners but I feel like they will be abused. The friction assist will invalidate times on leaderboards but will it be allowed in multiplayer? Ugly: Drivers have costumes. This is a focus that I think you can skip over in the main game but seems like a waste of development effort. Mods are back (not in the demo). Turning "off" the motion effects does not turn them off, only lessens them. I hope this gets addressed. No rules or flags in the demo. They're probably not in the full game again. Chase cam isn't considered an assist. Am I off? What does everyone else think?
  27. Forza 7 Demo Out Now

    I started a thread in the Forza club also.
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