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Welcome to the Xbox Society gaming community

Xbox Society is an adults only gaming community. We operate a casual, laid back approach because we appreciate that when you factor in family, work etc.. you might not get a lot of time on your beloved xbox and gaming hobby so the time you spend here needs to be hassle free and fun.

We have plenty of casual challenges and competitions, as well as league competitions featuring FIFA coupled with weekly gaming events and a friendly, vibrant community
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Thank F*** Its Friday

It's the end of the week, you've worked hard and now its time to chill out and take out that aggression on someone virtually :)
Fun starts from 830pm every Friday
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Forza Horizon 4 Time Trials

Weekly Time Trials featuring Forza Horizon 4. Take part offline to compete with your fellow members to see who can be the fastest.
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Gaming Ladders featuring FIFA19 and PES19

Climb the ranks, become number one and retain your title.
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    Just joined XBS or been away for a long time, please post in here and say Hi, tell us a bit about yourself and get involved in the community

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