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    • As it's the last Friday of the month, it can only mean one thing!

      Come and join us from 8.30pm, the game is FREE so no excuses .

      Comment below if you can make it.
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    • Marchs Games With Gold have been announced.


      Personally not much there for me, what do you guys think of the lineup?
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    • Another new feature launched immediately is the ability for Gold Members and above to submit a review on any game they have played on the Xbox One.

      There are approx 25 games already in the system for you to review, but feel free to add your own.

      Whether you want to review an existing entry or create a new one, it is incredibly simple to do, it is very intuitive, but if you want to find out more, hit that "How Can I?" menu option and navigate to Game Reviews and enjoy the short read 
      Obviously in the community spirit we want to hear each others opinions on games, after all we will probably game more with members on here than anywhere else, so knowing what game to get to join in co-op etc is will possibly be based on your fellow members recommendations.   But we also want to use this information to feed into what is popular so we can successfully theme gaming nights, game of the month and also a further insight into what should be included in XBS Gaming

      Anyway, over to you lot and get reviewing
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    • In-case you haven't already seen it, there is a menu option called "How Can I?"

      Very basically this will give you information on how to use some of the features around the site.  We take for granted that you are experienced forum users, and whilst this software is on the whole very intuitive, there are bits that may be difficult to know how to do.

      I appreciate it isn't conclusive at this moment and it will be added to, in fact, I'd appreciate it if there is something you want to know how to do, or even write a help article yourself, then please put it in the Member Support & Site Feedback forum for us to pick it up.



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    •  Gear up (see what I did there) for this Fridays TFIF chosen by Januarys MoTM - Sgt Sharkey

      Fun and games will start at 830pm GMT, chainsaws at the ready, please post up below to confirm your attendance

      Signed Up



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    Gaming time is precious and when you get online you want to game with like minded people.  Xbox Society was set up for that very reason.  Here we play for fun, not obsessed with winning, don't promote glitching or cheating because after all gaming should be fun.

    So if you are 18 or over, sick of playing online with idiots that ruin your fun, or just looking for a friendly community to join, then feel free to join us

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