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  • o0 Bresy 0o Member of the Month, July 2018

    Well the votes are in, counted and verified and we are proud to announce that the winner of the Member of the Month for July, following the awards re-introduction has gone to o0 Bresy 0o
    He has been an active member this month on the site, club and on our official discord channel.   

    Achievements & Badges

    It's been a bit quiet on the update front for a while, but we've been working hard and the first of a few announcements over the next couple of days is that the site awards are now coming back.
    The awards will form two main areas - Achievements and Badges
    Will unlock and earn these for carrying out various tasks on the site.    Most Achievements have a series of levels to them, unlock one, then you can win the next one which replaces the previous version.   You will receive a notification as you achieve each goal and as these are getting added over the next few days, expect to see a few notifications and awards if you have met the conditions of the award already.
    As more features are added to the site, then more Achievements will be added.
    These are given out for getting involved with our various events, supporting and promoting XBS or just general gaming.    A lot of these will only be available for a short time only, so if you miss the chance to win it the first time, you probably won't get another chance, so seize the opportunity and earn those rare badges.
    Details of all Achievements and Badges can be found by clicking on the link on the "Browse" menu or at at the bottom of the site, it officialy goes live on the 1st June along with Member of the Month coming back, voting for May will open immediately and announced at the end of next week.


    Our next two features announcements are around connectivity, streaming and communication.  These two features are Discord and Twitch accordingly.
    This will give you another way to communicate with site members.   OF course you need a discord account, but if you have the app on your phone you can receive a notification of someone being on, posting a message to arrange a game of something etc..   Or you can just use it to chat to compliment or an alternative to Xbox Live chat
    Once you have yourself a Discord account, joining couldn't be easier.   The widget is found on the forum index as below, simply click on the join us button

    If you want to show off your gaming skills or already have an established channel then you can put it up on here by going to our Streams feature.   BTW, if you want to submit some captures to  us, this is a great way to do it as you will be able to record your entire stream to go back and view / edit later.
    Again, assuming you have a Twitch account this is how you add your stream.  Hit the streams link on the main menu, then;

    Select the "Add New Stream" button

    Add your channel Title and Name, if you want to be notified of replies on the site to your channel (comments) hit the notify me of replies switch

    Enter your description and if you want to show your Twitch chat off, then hit that option too.   Pick save then everytime you are online and streaming on Twitch, it will appear here.
    There are plans for Mixer here as well.

    Why the privacy policy change

    Most of you will probably have heard about GDPR by now, for those that haven't, then long story short, we need to ensure we handle any data on you in the correct way and make you aware of what we collect, how we use it, your right to have it removed.
    I won't bore you with the specifics, you can google that for yourselves.   To be honest, by the time you read this, you will be more aware of action we have taken as you will have had to agree to our privacy policy to proceed. 
    Two Factor Authentication
    You will have read about this in the privacy policy.  For those interested in enabling it, simply click on your username (top right of the site), click on account settings and you will see the following screen;

    Simply select Account Security, then authenticate if prompted, click on enable and follow any further instructions.

    It's the new News

    As promised a few days ago, things are changing and one of them being how we present the news, but now you can get involved with some of this as well.  But where to start first?
    All news articles will appear in several places now. 
    News Page
    The main view being on an articles page, the layout may change a bit on this as we mess around with layouts and appearances, but this is where you will find all the articles
    Notice Board
    Probably this is where you found out about this.   Any any news item will now appear in the "Notice Board" forum as well, where it will display a bit of the text and a link to the main article where you can post any of your replies and comments to the article.    Each article type will have its own prefix so you get a flavour of what its about.
    The Shoutbox
    You may have already noticed that any post you make on the forum appears in the shoutbox, this is to help with post visibility and ensure you don't miss out.
    Our Picks
    The most important and best articles will continue to be picked, these will also be promoted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so if you follow them then you will also find out about the latest site news.
    Other site locations
    You will notice other areas that news items will appear, which will include;
    A News Ticker In the site footer In the site sidebars (with the other topics)  
    So I teased a bit earlier that you can get involved too, it couldn't be simpler if you want to create your own News article.    There are two ways to do it;
    1.   Go to the News page via the main menu (or link in the footer) then hit the "Add New Article" button, then select the category you want to put something under and off you go
    2.  Click on the create menu at the top of the page, select "Article in News", then the category you want to put something in and off you go
    So, what about those categories?  There are 4;
    Site News - The admins will put stuff in here of importance for you
    Event Reviews - Once an event is over, you may see a review of it here as it details what went on, who attended, perhaps the odd screenshot or video footage of the action.   Good fun for those who attended to reminisce or those that missed out can see what went on and join the banter
    Getting to know you - We will be interviewing members of the site to find out a bit more about them.   It's like a chat show, but without a nice sofa, an expensive host, a live studio audience, cameras, green room....okay its nothing like a chat show
    Society Views - This is the one you will get involved most on.   This is a take on gaming, whether a review, comparing titles, gaming setups, a trip down memory lane, anything really its entirely up to you.  It's nothing serious, just a bit of fun
    Just the last thing to tell you incase you say "where is my article", all articles go into a moderation queue before they go live just for a check over, standard publishing rules