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    Our next two features announcements are around connectivity, streaming and communication.  These two features are Discord and Twitch accordingly.


    This will give you another way to communicate with site members.   OF course you need a discord account, but if you have the app on your phone you can receive a notification of someone being on, posting a message to arrange a game of something etc..   Or you can just use it to chat to compliment or an alternative to Xbox Live chat

    Once you have yourself a Discord account, joining couldn't be easier.   The widget is found on the forum index as below, simply click on the join us button




    If you want to show off your gaming skills or already have an established channel then you can put it up on here by going to our Streams feature.   BTW, if you want to submit some captures to  us, this is a great way to do it as you will be able to record your entire stream to go back and view / edit later.

    Again, assuming you have a Twitch account this is how you add your stream.  Hit the streams link on the main menu, then;


    Select the "Add New Stream" button


    Add your channel Title and Name, if you want to be notified of replies on the site to your channel (comments) hit the notify me of replies switch


    Enter your description and if you want to show your Twitch chat off, then hit that option too.   Pick save then everytime you are online and streaming on Twitch, it will appear here.


    There are plans for Mixer here as well.

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    This is awesome!  I hope I'll get to join in with Discord and catch you guys on stream.

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