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Welcome to Xbox Society

Xbox Society is an adults only gaming community.  We operate a casual, laid back approach because we appreciate that when you factor in family, work etc.. you might not get a lot of time on your beloved xbox and gaming hobby so the time you spend here needs to be hassle free and fun.

We have plenty of casual challenges and competitions, coupled with weekly gaming events and a friendly, vibrant community

  • New Gaming Nights

    To get more gaming events on the calendar, we are changing it up quite a bit to get more of you playing together and ultimately giving you more control of what we play.

    So there is going to be a different gaming night on each night of the week, closely (ish) following a theme.

    Starting this Monday, we will be rolling out the new arrangement and we've set up the themes in such a way that some allow cross over of game types.

    Monday Night Frag Fest

    Any game that features guns and shooting 

    Tuesday Team Play

    Any game that features co-op play, supporting minimum 4 players ideally

    Wobbly Wheel Wednesday

    Fun driving / games featuring cars. 

    Thursday Clubs

    FIFA Clubs OR maybe even a bit of PES (if they hopefully role out that feature on the new game)

    Thank F*** It's Friday

    Its the end of the week and we will be playing something we can all get on and have a laugh with, will mainly feature (where possible) Games with Gold titles, but also the MOTM gets a choice too

    Saturday Night Live

    This is a members night.  Choose yourself what game you want to play

    Sunday Drivers

    More fun driving action


    What's happening the first week?

    We've been a bit late announcing this, so we've taken the choice on all of the nights, other than Saturday, so it will shape up like this;

    Monday - PUBG

    Tuesday - Warhammer Vermintide 2

    Wednesday - Rocket League

    Thursday - FIFA18

    Friday - Forza Horizon 2

    Saturday - As per your vote

    Sunday - F1 2017

    The new forums will be set up this weekend along with sign ups, polls etc...


    How will it work going forward?

    You have control and the power to make this succeed.   Create your own conversations in the forums, polls etc.

    To start with, we will put up a poll featuring 3 or 4 games for each night to get us in the flow, so obviously vote on the game you want to play, but then also there will be topics which you can create yourself, to discuss what other games you want to play.   The ones that get asked for the most will be put into the polls for you to decide whether or not to play on.

    All that we ask is, please vote if you intend to play, as its unfair for others if you vote for a game and don't turn up.

    There are no rules for how you play on the night, other than we might look to start some form of racing championship on the Wednesday or Sunday if enough turn up regularly.  But otherwise its just about having a laugh, shooting stuff, bit of co-opping and grabbing those achievements.

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