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  1. Just waiting to see what happens with Neymar as there is going to be some silly money doing the rounds if they buy him for his release clause. If Barca come calling again for Coutinho with Neymar money, I hope our owners are clever enough to put his price up. Worryingly there are rumours Coutinho has agreed terms with Barca. So much for his statement a few months ago about him not wanting to move there and become a legend at Liverpool
  2. Championship Sign Up

    So how about next Friday (4th) for everyone from 830?
  3. Lethal Weapon - The TV Series

    Really enjoyed the first season. Looking forward to season 2
  4. Games with Gold: August 2017

    Poor month IMO. Hoping they are setting us up for a ton of juicy games in September
  5. Championship Sign Up

    Nice Work Glenn Rather than fixtures over a few weeks, shall we just have a mini cup style event and play all the games in one night, Friday nights tend to be quite good for most to get on, all get in a party whilst we play each other, bit of banter, general random conversations etc...
  6. Barca apparently offered 80m euros for Coutinho. In this market for a player of that quality that offer in an insult. Given we appear to be willing to spend 70m on Keita from Leipzig, a player who has had one good season would obviously make us value Coutinho, a player who isn't a flash in the pan and 5 seasons left on his contract at way more than 80m euros I don't think Barca have the financial muscle to flex with the English teams and part of me feels they are a fading draw now, certainly not as big as they where. But still wou;dnt' be suprised to see the Barca tapping up machine go into full effect, just wait for players current and ex to talk up Coutinho
  7. Made some changes to the format

    On reflection We will just be focusing on Forza Horizon 3 for the monthly trials. We will keep the showcases for all three games though and introduce random events for the other games as well. On the subject on showcases for Horzion 1, I accidentally deleted the forum before moving the topics in I will reinstate them shortly
  8. Championship Sign Up

    Yeah that's what I'm going for season one. Once a few more in, happy to partner up.
  9. Joe Hart on season long loan to West Ham. Good move for him to prove his ability and secure a better move IMO But looks like the hammers are going to follow this up with a move for Javier Hernandez, not sure that is the right move for him though
  10. Has anyone completed these yet? Don't think I've completed one yet Anyone up for helping me do them?
  11. What guns do you favour and what does your drone do?
  12. Championship Sign Up

    Yeah its 2v2 (with optional AI partner) which most of us are going for initially, once established I certainly intend to team up with someone (if they will have me )
  13. Championship Sign Up

    First, did you sign up for this Reaver? Wasn't sure if I saw you did or if I'm losing my marbles and making things up I see So are you two teaming up or going alone? If the latter, its easy enough to add @SilentReaver to the fixtures, as with 5 in the league so far, someone has a free fixture, so I can just match you up against the person with the "free week" (for want of a better term). I can extend the schedule by a week then as well. Let me know how you want to proceed
  14. Remember to play both fixtures in one session Deadline midnight 12th August
  15. Remember to play both fixtures in one session Deadline midnight 12th August