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  1. Trackmania Turbo Challenge

    It’s no good, I can’t improve my time
  2. AI

    Hmmm, this seems a hang over from the first game. I don't have the video, probalby on my feed, but I encountered this on Project Cars 1 racing with saloon cars or something. Anyway, was one of the last turns of a track (can't remember which one) but I was in last, came to the corner and there was a 20+car traffic jam because one crashed on the corner, I had to bash my way through it and when I got there the next lap, there was still a traffic jam and the next lap and the next
  3. What's your favourite lager?

    I must admit I don't mind Fosters, like above it's usually whatever is on offer especially around xmas and BBQ time. Corona and Peroni are my faves but quite partial to the lower alcohol ones cut with a bit of lemon or lime. Cubanista (lager and rum) is amazing, but nowhere round here sells it anymore, used to be available at Morrisons but they've stopped it
  4. Ninja Cat

  5. Xbox One X Review

    This is the main reason I'm not getting one. Convincing my wife to get a 4k TV is one thing, but asking her if she would kindly disappear whilst I play on the xbox is quite another, the other alternative would be to purchase two 4k tvs and that ain't happening anytime soon, unless Black friday sees TV prices drop incredibly and have bogof deals on em
  6. I used to be a "well done" man, but as I got older I appreciated that if you don't cook the shit out of it then that steak becomes awesome. I suppose it depends on the cut as well, but I go for medium-rare these days Not adventurous enough yet to go for something a skilled vet could resuscitate, I need a small amount of char
  7. So many to choose from. Do you go for cheap like Fosters (which ain't that bad) or can't you stay away from a can of wife beater?
  8. The Random Linked Song Thread

    The rules for this are simple and all you have to do is post a video link of the song from Youtube Song must be; Sung by the previous artist OR a collaboration featuring the previous artist OR Song has the same title as the previous one Let's see where this thread takes us, will start with someone who has a big catalogue of songs and collaborated with plenty to make it easy to get going
  9. iPhone or Samsung

    Owned both android and Iphones, currently have an iphone 5 or 6 (not really sure all look the bloody same) and it is good, but no better or worse than an android. Had a windows phone once and TBH I thought that was excellent. If I'm being honest other than minutes and texts, I'd ask myself "what do I want the phone for" and use that to decide - no point getting a phone for pics if the camera is shit. On a side note, one of the developers from work has that new google phone, looks the business, he says its awesome
  10. Bit late going up this one, but it's time for a trip down memory lane. Fun starts from 8.30pm - we will figure out the game modes depending on sign ups, will presume the three from the original vote are coming already Signed Up Captain J Hook UKCowboy74 Medics KPDub Solid slug 84 Sgt Sharkey
  11. 10th November: Titanfall 2

    Was good fun, Frontier defence is good, but we just couldn't quite do wave 5
  12. November TFIF Community Vote

    Come on guys, 7 different members viewed this topic, only three votes - what do you others want to play
  13. 10th November: Titanfall 2

    Full steam ahead then
  14. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    Interesting comments here. I've been reading a lot of reviews on this console from official review sources through to normal every day gamers like us who have just bought one. There is a trend with the official sources saying there isn't much difference and the gamers saying it looks amazing. Left me puzzled as to which is the truth to believe as are the official sources being overly skeptical and are gamers suffering from a placebo effect. For me, I'd need to see the same game running next to each other, one on the normal xbox one and the other running on the X to make a proper decision as I'm thinking that both sources of reviews are biased to what they want to experience.