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  1. New Features Galore

    Going to delay the awards for just over a week (let's aim for weekend 7th Oct) because there are two major updates due (one this week, one next) and being totally honest, I can't be arsed doing something this week, to unpick it next, then add extra the week after. However, Member of the Month is live, you will see a widget top right on the board index. Click on the link or using MOTM from the awards menu, type in your nomination and submit
  2. New Features Galore

    Bare with me please guys, a combination of free time and the faff to get the graphics right and it's taking me a couple of extra days, nearly there
  3. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Good win in the end but my god that ref did his best to give Leicester some points. how was it a pen when Mignolet clearly kicks the ball first only for follow through to catch Vardy, who in his cheating style takes a dive. gives Leicester a free kick when the Ox plays the ball, then catches Ineacho, this is soon going to be a non contact sport if you can't make a challenge as it makes no odds if you win the ball cleanly first touch of offside for their second too and don't get me started on the number of times Simpson pulled back a plate and never got booked (was at least 7 btw)
  4. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Good half at the KP stadium, but Leicesters goal shouldn't have counted. Ignore that it came from a phase of play where Vardy dived to get a free kick (although stupid challenge from Matip), but Mignolet clearly being fouled and held to stop him getting the cross. But saying that, yet another corner where we just can't defend for toffee Edit, and the goal was offside and happened in the 3rd minute of two added minutes - wtf
  5. New Features Galore

    Will be setting up all the awards and stuff this weekend (or before). Software is installed and hasn't broken anything....yet Some of you may get a flurry of activity as you get awarded things that you have met the criteria for, if you don't - pull yer finger out and earn em
  6. New Features Galore

    It's even simpler than that, just copy the image address and paste the image in your post
  7. Destiny 2

    Okay, moving now Club owner should have the ability to split this post out if required for tips etc..
  8. New Features Galore

    Okay so been a little quiet around here whilst working on a couple of things, but I can happily announce that this week we will be seeing the release of 4 main features Clubs Enhancements Whether you are an existing club owner or looking to create a new one, then all club owners will now have the ability to add a Gallery and a Blog to their club. Several new clubs have been created to focus on casual, in your own time, challenges, these focus around; Games with Gold EA Access Vault Games Pass We will also be moving all the other competitions into clubs as well Gallery A few of you had asked about this and the ability to upload attachments, this has now been turned on. One of the main features of the Gallery will see us introduce a monthly "Screenshot" competition. Recognising your contributions Long story short, we have swapped out our awards feature for a new one. Unfortunately, we lost the historic awards, not many given out anyway, and we are sure you will like a lot more what is in store Community Achievements Based upon your site behavior and actions, from post counts to getting and giving reputation Challenge and Competitions awards Linked to the above clubs and monthly challenges. See if you can get these unique awards Member of the Month Whilst the final decision is down to the admins, you have the opportunity to nominate who you think has been the best member of the month, whether they have posted a lot, given/received reputation or just been there to game with, get you involved, then it will be recognized
  9. AMERICAN LEGEND TIME TRIAL To access this trial go to; Rivals Spec Challenge select American Legend The trial is locked to a Ford GT40 -Post your time up, fastest wins This trial runs until midnight 30th September and if you can submit historic times if you like
  10. LAKE POWELL TIME TRIAL To access this trial go to; Single Player select Race then select the track "Lake Powell" You can use any boat you have unlocked. Post your time up, fastest wins This trial runs until midnight 30th September and if you can submit historic times if you like
  11. Well, this is very simple. As you all know, you can get four free games a month courtesy of Games with Gold. We will be featuring at least one game a month in here, issuing a challenge relating to that game, the challenges will form either; a timed challenge (i.e see how fast you can do something) Score challenge - see how high a score you can get on a specific level gamerscore challenge - see how many achievements you can get on a game in the period Whilst we will mostly be featuring games from the current months release, popular games may stay around for a month or two, perhaps make a cameo return and we will also consider bringing back historic game from gold titles as well depending on demand, so feel free to request those The winner each month/period will receive a shiny award
  12. Destiny 2

    FYI guys, will move this to the Destiny club soon
  13. Going to struggle to get this played. Happy that you can Mr Tubes though so not to delay proceedings
  14. Logo

    The main nav bar colour is black, on mobile view it is putting the logo in part of the main nav bar. Will have a play with colour schemes a bit as whilst can quickly fix the nav bar colour, the rest looks a bit strange so I will fiddle about this weekend
  15. N00B

    Welcome along bud, glad you have joined us, will send you a FR unless you beat me to it