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  1. Hamilton vs Vettel

    Didn't watch it, rarely watch F1 now as it got boring again. Both as bad as each other I think. Both bad losers and worse winners and always look to blame something or someone if they don't win. Putting that to one-side and from what I've read, does sound like Hamilton was hard done by on this though
  2. Stepping into the 4k era

    Over £800 to play games, madness
  3. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    I ain't got a 4k tv for starters, but even if I did, I would have picked the option for it being a glorified xbox one S. I'm actually still on my original xbox one, which I got for xmas after its launch, so not quite day one. There wont' be many titles on launch that would appeal to me or are a significant enough upgrade on an existing XBO title, so what I'd be left with is (not only having to buy a 4k TV) but then drop minimum £450 not including bundles to play my game collection which I can on what I already have. Microsoft need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask, do we want this to be the most popular console in the world? If the answer is yes, half your price, shift minimum twice as many units as you would have done versus the price it will be at. They need to get people to come away from their Playstations and Nintendos, they wont' at that price point
  4. Forza 7

    Not a fan of the new HUD, although I do like the bottom right part of it. Visually my reaction was meh, its a slightly sharper looking version of Forza 6
  5. Anthem

    Going to sound miserable here, but just looks like Destiny meets Titanfall and probably will be more unimaginative tat from EA. Looking forward to playing it for free on EA Access
  6. Forza 7

    Looks okay, not blown away I must admit. Forza slow to the party with features again for something that has always been considered the leader in driving games, Dynamic weather was on Proj Cars two years ago and got knows how many F1 versions ago.
  7. I've only picked up Wildlands this year and with Games for Gold and stuff coming of EA Access I have a growing list of games I own that I haven't played so it needs to be something special to make me part with my dosh. But there are some good games that interest me coming out this year; Golf Club 2 - Loved the first game and looking forward to the new version PES 2008 - I think I'm done buying the FIFA series now, will play them on EA Access, but with EA steadily letting their standards slip year by year and the gameplay being spoiled and abused by glitchers and trick stick wagglers then having played the last two versions of PES you can see how far it has come, back to the days of PES 4 and 5 where it kicked FIFAs ass Call of Duty WW2 - I'd kind of got bored with the COD series, whilst the single player modes were solid, the MP became a joke. Hoping this will be a throwback to in what is my opinion the best shooter still on the xbox and that is COD2
  8. The Golf Club 2

    Looking forward to this games release. First one was excellent. Watch out for our event featuring this game
  9. Not a bad defender, certainly not worth the silly figures that are being banded about. If we are going to spend 70m on a player, it better bloody well be someone who will score 20plus every season
  10. For me last night, despite winning, Real Madrid were an embarrassment. Juventus were by far the better team, but was always going to be hard for them with the ref so obviously on the spanish teams side. The amount of decisions he gave RMs way, turning a blind eye to obvious fouls and handballs by RM and not booking RM players when the same foul got a Juventus player booked was an absolute joke. This was highlighted even more by Cuduardos sending off, no doubt helped by Ramos and his absurd over reaction to a gentle push (and even that is an exaggeration) on his back, why on earth was he holding his foot. The ref should have been wise to this given Ramos rolling around on the floor then two seconds later bouncing up on his feet, if it hurt that much he would have stayed down surely. I wish that was an isolated incident but many of Madrids players bought their side free kicks, Ramos doing this the most, with their reactions to the slightest touch making us think they had been shot, and don't even get me started on Ronaldo. Best player in the world my arse, he spent more time rolling around on the floor than with the ball at his feet and other than his two goals, did absolutely nothing to contribute to the game but somehow Skysports are wetting themselves over him, which is no suprise to be honest as the majority of their sports writers (like most journalists) have zero talent when it comes to reporting on facts and just go off what idiots on social media think. Two massively deflected shots and a shocking refereeing performance (not for the last time in a major match) has benefited Madrid here.
  11. FIFA Club League Sign Up

    Updated to here
  12. Liverpool picking up Solanke from Chelsea. Never seen the lad play, but reading stuff he is meant to be quite a talent, but if so, why would Chelsea let him go?
  13. The latest DLC for Ghost Recon: Wildlands has dropped and I've got to say I'm a little disappointed. The title and information bites that were released suggested that Wildlands was getting its own version of the superb Survival DLC we saw for The Division. Sadly this is not anything like that. Whilst it starts in similar fashion, your helicopter being shot down the similarity seems to end there as we are exposed to more of the same mission types and format we experienced in the main game. 15 new missions and four new bosses await single player or co-op fun, but despite the "survival" element touted, ammo is still in plentiful supply, you have your three team mates with you as well, so overall it seems a bit disappointing. Okay the enemies are much tougher now, amongst other things supporting active camouflage, this predator type appearance making them near impossible to spot with your drone etc.. Overall, the season pass is proving very disappointing
  14. The season is over and its now crazy time with teams splashing ridiculous amounts of money on average players. If you hear any rumours, breaking news etc then slap it in here and we can discuss / drool / criticise the deal