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  1. Probs
  2. Didn't watch the whole game but looked like Ajax were too worried about winning
  3. Always remember, there's always someone worse off than yourself lol. Guess I will have to prove it heh
  4. I'm innit to lozit lol
  5. There won't be anymore X-Men movies so probably a good idea
  6. March 23. Mass Effect: Andromeda releases. Enough said. Cannot wait! ! ! ! ! !
  7. 2017 is only two days old but the signs are already good for another bumper year for the XBOne. As well as the brand new console release in the run-up to Christmas, a slew of titles are heading our way over the next 11 3/4 months or so. Here are just 5 to bust down the doors of Game (etc) between now and (probably) next Christmas Eve. Red Dead Redemption 2 Get the obvious one out of the way first. It's doubtful that any console owner will miss out on this one. Slated for a pre-Christmas release, it would not surprise anyone to see the release pushed back into 2018. Assuming that RDD2 does make an appearance this year, it is bound to be the game of the year in a very strong year of releases. Not much about the game has been released, but rumours say that the plot will revolve around the grown up son of John Marston. Time will tell in that respect, but RDD2 is going to be the most anticipated sequel probably ever. Or at least until Bethesda pull their finger out and release Elder Scrolls 6 Prey First announced about a million years ago, Prey will not be the same game as the original XBox release back in the day. Aliens are back, or perhaps they are phantoms instead. Not much is known about this one either. During the announcement and the E3 trailer last summer, just about everything has changed. A new development team, new style and new anticipation. Prey will be released in the upcoming year, but a firm date has not been set. Vampyr What? A brand new franchise? Can this be true? Dr Reid is a brand new vampire and wanders the streets of London either looking for necks to bite or a disease to fight. Maybe Reid can do both. Healthy Londoners cured of the Spanish Flu can be drained of all blood at a later time. That could be fun, if you like that kind of thing. At the moment, in true RPG manner, a morality system is in effect. Play as a real monster, hunting down virgins, making Jack the Ripper look like a boy scout, or a doctor more concerned with curing the flu. This fusion of real history and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is set for a release later in the year, but a date has yet to confirmed. Ghost Recon Wildlands The Tom Clancy bandwagon rumbles on. Unlike all the previous Ghost Recon titles, Wildlands is set in an open world and doesn't rely so much on being dropped into a target zone to complete the objectives required. The open world aspect changes this for the better, the four squad multiplayer team now have to coordinate tactics with each other and take into account external factors such as weather and the time of day. In the Ghost Recon history, few titles have been anticipated as much as this one. No gung-ho Rambo types in this latest offering. Look for this one in late March, along with ... Mass Effect: Andromeda It's finally happening! Mass Effect without Commander Shepard, the Citadel or the Milky Way. Play as one of the Ryder twins, wondering what dad has really been upto in the Andromeda Galaxy. Sit in the Mako once more and drive across entire new planets and face new threats, pick new flowers and marvel at the sheer size of Andromeda. The same hybrid of action, role-playing and combat that was one of the trademark parts of Mass Effect 3 is back and refined to modern standards. Likely to release at the end of March, this should ... SHOULD ... keep us all occupied all year long
  8. Missing them. Bring them back. Est smash
  9. Not even got over Yog and another legend becomes one with the Force. This year can't end soon enough
  10. Fashionably late this time around, but the votes have been counted and now its time that the beans can be spilled 2= Everytime it is released, there is someone that not only jumps on the bandwagon, but steers it well into December and the end of year poll. For us, it's often the closest to being Lewis Hamilton etc that we can get. The smell of petrol and the blurriness of trees whizzing past at 500mph is one thing, multiplayer versions of virtual petrol and the blurriness of trees whizzing past at 500mph is quite another. Does Australia have trees? Joint runner-up this time is Forza Horizon 3. Along with... 2= Backwards compatible games have become the thing on the One over the last couple of years. It goes without saying that many of these games could be called retro titles. Some devs have decided against this tactic and decided to go full out for a reboot of a classic franchise. It worked for Tomb Raider after all. Earlier in the year, another classic got the reboot treatment and didn't disappoint. Old school shooters tended to be 'leave brain by the door and shoot anything that moves'. The game that began this trend made a welcome return to the home console market in 2016 and looks set to do the same thing now that it did 20-odd years ago. It's a big welcome back to the granddad of shooters, Doom 1. So that just leaves XBS's favourite game of this year. Gee, what could it be? The Apocalypse has been done to death (geddit?) in video games now and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With Dead Rising 4 released during the year and The Last of Us 2 scheduled for 2017, Armageddon is big business. A new concept of this idea came from beyond the grave last Spring when a new squad joined the likes of Sam Fisher and Rainbow Six. Quite a few XBSers looked like they changed their gamertags to include Tom Clancy's The Division. You all know who you are
  11. Just heard the shocking news. Yet another horrible day for music
  12. Merry Christmas everyone
  13. I'm just glad that no-one has mentioned that awful cretin Santino Marellla