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  1. Pro Evo Soccer 2018 Online Beta

    Not played it yet, but it is better than FIFA
  2. DOOM!

    Bestest game of last year. £12, anyone who is mad enough not to have a copy already then remedy that by getting it. A free download this weekend? That is a steal and should not be ignored. All members should have a copy within the next few days. No ecxuses
  3. The NEW Doctor Who

    Ever since the 80s there has been talk of a female Doctor whenever a regeneration was imminent. It's good that someone has taken the plunge. This could make or break the series and is a very brave decision to make either way. Right choice? Only time will tell lol.
  4. And so say all of us

    Rumours coming out of the Emirates earlier today. Going to sit this one out and let the voice of Arsenal speak for all Gooners. It's gonna be a bumpy ride lol Like a said before - somewhere - the man is a dictator
  5. Gaming is now big business, perhaps more so than films these days. Their influence, for some people, seems to know no bounds whatsoever. Any character in any video game can apparently do anything and get away with it. This is especially true in RPGs or action/adventure game. Just because the likes of Lara Croft can do it, doesn’t mean that anyone should. So what mind-bending things ought to left to gaming characters alone? Favours What’s that? You want me to post that letter? I can do that; it will cost you 100 pieces of gold though. Demanding cash is one thing, but some NPCs actually offer cash and will not take no for an answer. I wish some of my neighbours were that accommodating. You want to pay me 50 gold or credits to deliver it? I’ll do it for 75. It’s a hell of a long way to the pillar box from here. There’s a main road to cross for starters. Driving We’ve all seen a ramp in GTA V and thought “YES!” The chasm is only a 3000 foot drop. A child can make that jump. Nothing will ruin these tyres. The car will still be able to drive normally any way even if it would need a lick of paint afterwards. All traffic lights ever do is change colour periodically. If I go past them at 835mph, nothing bad will happen. I wonder if it’s possible to drive up that vertical cliff face? It worked ok on the way down. Eating The boss wants me to do all of these tasks by the end of the day. That means I will have to go here, there and everywhere. How am I going to manage to get a bite to eat? I know, there’s a cave next door to the first location. It’s bound to have an apple or a bowl of soup that’s been patiently sitting there for about 14 years or so. What could possibly be wrong with that? At the very least, there ought to be the ingredients to make a whole loaf of bread which can be eaten in one go without ever taking a single bite. Try eating that things sideways. Talking Heya. I hope you don’t mind if I circle around you constantly while talking. It’s just my way of getting through the day. The Samaritans were engaged. It’s also useful in keeping fit. Either that or converse with everyone at gunpoint. So you’ve found all these fantastic firearms and you simply have to tell a friend about it. Unfortunately, they’re too busy to talk right now. They suddenly remembered that they had that urgent thing that they had to do elsewhere and break the five second mile in order to go and do it. Moving Traditionally speaking, any and all characters within a virtual environment move so bloody slow. It seems as though every moment of every day is just one more leisurely Sunday afternoon. Real people are probably not so different, but you don’t see gamers zigzagging their way past them, dodging and weaving like it’s going out of fashion. What is it with open doorways that people just have to stand beneath? Isn’t the whole point of a doorway to get from one side of it to the other? Let them know that they are complete and utter assholes for doing it and they get upset for some reason. Any other suggestions? Comment below
  6. Anthem

    Saw the E3 demo and next year cannot come quickly enough. Start saving those pennies now
  7. Who on Earth is Alexsandr Golovin? Anyone know?
  8. What games are on your radar?

    There a few games coming out between now and Christmas that look like the business. Probably wouldn't get FIFA now if EA paid me their gross annual income. Emphasise on the word 'gross'. That is what FIFA has become lol. There are some games that are worth taking a look at. Vampyr Doctor by day, bloodsucker by night. Explore and/or eat the entire population of dark Victorian London in this anticipated action RPG game. Really looking forward to this one. Hope it lives up to the hype Sea of Thieves Aarrrr! Not 100% sure about this upcoming exclusive pirate game. It might be worth a look but could also be one of those that has a limited novelty value. Will probably rent it first Middle Earth: Shadow of War Really enjoyed the first game. Based in the Lord of the Rings universe, it took the concept of Assassin;s Creed gameplay and bettered it with ease. Definitely one to keep an eye on Agents of Mayhem From the makers of, and set in the same universe as, the Saints Row series. Could well be this year's Overwatch Star Wars Battlefront 2 Enough said There are also a few old favourites that will probably join the current crop of titles on the shelf. WWE 2K18 and PES 2018 are likely to dominate console time at the end of the year. Seriously tempted with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind as well
  9. Arsenal make a token offer for Lacazette today. It's just sheer coincidence that season ticket sales are taking place too
  10. Virgil Van Djik apparently prefers Liverpool to the other clubs that want him
  11. According to L'Equippe, Arsenal offered Monaco 100m Euros for MBappe. The more cynical among us may say that this was a token bid to give the l=illusion that Wenger is doing 'everything he can' to bring in the players that he said he would before finally managing to bring in a striker from the Romanian 9th Division 5 seconds before the transfer window deadline. Not me though
  12. E3 2017

    June is just a matter of days away and already the hype has begun. E3 is coming. “Oh, you didn’t know? Your ass better call somebodyyyyyyyy” As usual with the conference, some things are as certain as the next FIFA being crap, rigged and scripted. This year, the Microsoft conference will heavily feature the Scorpio that’s due out in time for Christmas. Phil Thingy from Microsoft will attend and probably bore everyone to tears about technical this, jargon that, about the Scorpio itself. Most of the target audience for the Xbox and Playstation often want to know one or two things. 1) Can I blow shit up like Michael Bay does? 2) Can I still shoot that bloke’s head off from a distance of 20 miles while camping out where no-one will ever find me? Not a lot has been confirmed, games wise, but that is one of the best things about E3 – guessing what will be showcased. So let’s speculate. Rise of the Risen Tomb Raider Or Tomb Raider 3. For those that haven’t played or finished the second title of the reboot, there is an obvious sequel baiting conclusion. And if anyone hasn’t completed the game, why the hell not? It’s been out for almost two years now. Anyhoo, the reboot movie to the reboot game is out sometime next year and it wouldn’t be too surprising to learn that the new game will accompany it. A trailer may or may not make a debut, but here is a 200 000% prediction for the plot – whenever it is released. Lara travels to a UNESCO World Heritage site masquerading as a lost city somewhere east of Europe to plunder tombs, fend off bears and tackle immortal enemies that don’t last five minutes while looking for the secret of ever-lasting life. The Elder Scrolls 6 Bethesda are bound to release the latest chapter in the ongoing epic franchise. So why not soon? Any arrow in the knee would have healed years ago so that cannot be used as an excuse anymore. Perhaps the delay is due to an over indulgence of sweet rolls. As we all know, they’re highly addictive and worse than tubes of Pringles. At E3 this year, it’s common knowledge that they will not only be there, but have demanded an entire session all to themselves. As well as Quake and something else, Bethesda have admitted that they will also unveil two new games that nobody knows anything about. With a bit of luck, one could be the brand new reveal of EOS 6. It had better be, otherwise gamers should rise up, face the Bethesda Board and say “Fus, Ro, Dah” at them until they submit. That would really be an Unrelenting shout. Dragon Age 4/Dylan Dylan is the new IP from Bioware. Said to be a hybrid of The Division and Destiny. Neither of which are Bioware games. The name used is a working title that’s probably a symptom of Subterranean Homesick Blues. See what I did there? [Sigh] I’ll let myself out. Dylan has been in development for a few years now and is a sci-fi game at its core with some tacked on MMO. Remind you of anything? Something that took five years to appear and is a sci-fi game with tacked on RPG. [cough]Mass Effect: Andromeda[/cough] Dragon Age 4 will be at E3 this year. That comes hot off the press. Try to remember this: the latest gossip or rumour says that The Forgotten Ones will feature heavily in DA4. A.N. Others Microsoft, along with Nintendo and Sony, will keep some cards close to their chest, likely inside their shirts and ties. Like the 360 backwards compatibility announcement from a few years ago. So what surprises can be expected this year? On the games front at least, chances are that a slew of games with numbers at the end will be announced officially. Halo 6, Gears 5 and perhaps even Recore 2. Anything that doesn’t have a number tag will be announced during this year’s conference, before being cancelled at the end of the year or the beginning of the next. Watch this space.
  13. Oh well

    No title challenge for the next two years then
  14. Say it aint so

    D-Day has arrived. The 'D' stands for disaster and has nothing to do with decision. All indications are that Arsenal are set for another pair of years with no ambition or desire to come top of the league. Why? Cos that cocky arrogant mo-fo looks like he is going to sign a new contract and take our once great club even further backwards. Months and months of procrastination have clearly affected the team and their performances on the pitch. Only last week did this dictator admit to that but stopped short of taking the blame for it. Must be our fault that he reckoned that the decision would be made in March or April. The end of May? Still nothing has been sorted. It's official: the man is deluded. Do look forward to the next 2-3 months or twiddling thumbs, bemoaning the lack of quality available. Newsflash! Strength and character are also qualities. How about breaking the habits of your lifetime and actually bring some of that in. Forget all this flair shit, we got enough of that for now. Bring in a decent keeper, centre-back, holding midfielder and a prolific striker. Love the club? Then do the right bloody thing for it then
  15. Does Tomas Tuchel to Arsenal count?