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  1. Hats off to Wenger

    YouTube is having a field day
  2. Hats off to Wenger

  3. If Wenger thought he was hard done by..

    Saw this but doubt that Mr Magoo did
  4. New Transfer Window Rumours

    It's silly (mid) season once again. The January transfer window is now open and already there have been some wild rumours and speculation. Heard anything to make you go "WOW!"? Bung it in here. Whether or not it's true or published in The Sun makes hardly any difference.
  5. City not so invincible

    Appreciate it... also for taking a CL spot
  6. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Latest Arsenal rumour doing the rounds for a few weeks and, if true then it should be a national holiday.... Wenger out and Ancelotti in
  7. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Just watch Wenger make his moves at 10.59.59 on January 31st
  8. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Now that their usual shameless manhunt has been done, looks like Ivan Rakitic wants out of Barca. Two clubs have been linked with signing him. One, naturally of course, will happily let their fraudulent out of touch head-up-his-own-arse accountant to sit on both thumbs - doing what he does best (ie: f-all) while the other has Champions League football and £140m hanging around. Hmmm. I wonder who Rak might sign for...
  9. New Transfer Window Rumours

  10. New Transfer Window Rumours

    First one: David Luiz to Arsenal
  11. Sports Personality of the Year 2017

    Not looking beyond AJ or LH
  12. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Who was the ref for the Stoke v West Ham match? Methinks Lanzini has been playing too much FIFA and decided to take it onto the pitch. Just like in FIFA, ref bought it hook, line, sinker and the new issue of Angling Times
  13. Xmas TV

    Ignoring that reality shite, anything worth watching over Christmas?
  14. A Bunch of Kronke

    Don't suppose anyone heard the demented drivel coming out of the gob of that ludicrous has-been of a Alzheimer's patient on Match of the Day last night? I have to confess that I fast-forwarded the whole game and the drivel that came after it. How on earth this relic managed to bewitch that American retard for yet another contract has gone so far beyond belief that even Tolkien might say "That's simply not possible!" Pop Quiz time. Have a guess who this could be referring to: Early symptoms In the early stages, the main symptom of Alzheimer's disease is memory lapses. For example, someone with early Alzheimer's disease may: forget about recent conversations or events, or misplace items forget the names of places and objects, or have trouble thinking of the right word repeat themselves regularly, such as asking the same question several times show poor judgement or find it harder to make decisions become less flexible and more hesitant to try new things Don't know the right answer? Me neither
  15. The Random Linked Song Thread

    FYI: I was there
  16. Favourite Christmas Films

    Believe it or not, Gremlins and Lethal Weapon are considered Christmas movies
  17. Favourite Christmas Films

    Trading Places
  18. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Enough is enough is enough is enough Wenger, ffhs..............RESIGN! ! ! ! ! ! !
  19. The Gifted (X-Men TV Series)

    Expecting to watch this a little later on but I heard that there is something similar to this coming to Sky One soon
  20. Tour of Britain

    Cool. Do try not to knock over one of the competitors
  21. Top and bottom of prem predictions

    New prediction for 17th place - Arsenal
  22. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Does anyone think it's feasible to report Wenger to the Trades Description Act people? There's a rumour going around that he's a football manager
  23. Wenger gets his wad out and other Transfer Rumours

    Best deal of the summer - Renato Sanches Bayern to Swansea on loan