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  1. AI

    I remember reading that they absolutely would not do a demo of the game. I'm not sure why. I can recommend staying away if you do depend on the joystick. I've heard "acceptable" at best for gamepad control. Stick with Forza. Less options but a much better experience with the joystick. If one did choose to pick it up, it's on sale for $42 (30% off) right now. There are lots and lots of bugs but AI is better than this video.
  2. iPhone or Samsung

    I'm not a typical cell user though I've used nearly everything from brick phones on up. I've had no-names, Apple, Microsoft/Nokia, Android, Blackberry in some capacity for work and personal use. Beside having a good camera (mandatory for parents) and battery life (outdoors types), I think that the convenience of the wireless charge is worth quite a bit. Buy a few cheap chargers and have one by your bed, one at work, etc. I loved my Windows phone @KPDub but I think I'm in a very small minority.
  3. Favourite Christmas Films

    Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 and 2 Santa's Slay (all of the others listed are wonderful)
  4. Your avatar makes me want to clean my glasses each time I see it.

  5. Keyboard Support

    I think I finalized my keys. ----------------------------------- |NUM | / | * | - | | | | | | | | | DRS | FFB | | | | | DN | |---------------------------------| |7/HOME | 8/UP | 9/PUP | + | | | | | | |SEAT | DRIVER | SEAT | FFB | |UP | NAMES | FWD | UP | |---------------------------------| |4/L | 5 | 6/R | BS | | | | | | |SEAT | | SEAT | | |DOWN | | BACK | | |---------------------------------| |1/END | 2/DN | 3/PDN | ENTER | | | | | | |LCD | WIPERS | LIGHTS | PIT | | | | | LIMIT | |-------------------------| | |0/INS | ./DEL | | | | | | |REQUEST | | | |PIT | | | -----------------------------------
  6. I finally tried Forza 7

    It feels good on my wheel. Not great, not really good, but good. Miles better than 6. It looks great on the old Xbox One. Better than Project CARS 2. It sounds good. I did a single race (no test driving) and lost. Within an hour I had 7 achievements and today, after another 30 minutes I got another two achievements. It's funny how they pour in the beginning of games like this. But keep that in mind. Nine achievements and I only drove once...and lost. The achievements I won are all car/crate/auction based. That's a bummer in itself. I hope to play more very soon but I still find Project CARS 2 more fun (if not more brutal) but rewarding in the end.
  7. Nintendo switch

    I bought a Switch for my wife so that she could play Zelda (she's more into the series than me) but I picked up Mario Odyssey and it is absolutely fantastic. I've been playing it shoulder-to-shoulder with my three year old and she and I both laugh at whatever I can make wear a hat.
  8. Fast & Furious Expansion - Horizon 2

    I "finished" the game in about three hours between meals, bathtime, and getting the little ones to bed. It's worth about $2. I'd be disappointed if I paid more.
  9. Fast & Furious Expansion - Horizon 2

    @ITSJUSTGlenn I didn't know any of this. I thought it was an expansion with a new area, sort of like Blizzard Mountain. Thanks. I also went a while without any xbox live subscription so I'm sure I missed some fun stuff.
  10. Fast & Furious Expansion - Horizon 2

    The expansion is on sale this week for $2. It'd be a good excuse to play with Horizon 2 again. That's £1.60 for most of you on this forum. You need Horizon 2 to play it but it seems like a steal at this price. https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/Forza-Horizon-2-Presents-Fast-and-Furious-Digital-Edition/BQV2BPXQ712G
  11. Project CARS 2

  12. I'm 35 years old today.

  13. Happy Birthday Jason

    Hey! Thanks a bunch. I'm halfway to 70 today. My wife took the kids out for a few hours and let me play some games and get a nap. It was pretty awesome. Thank you! @KPDub, @estronal210, @ITSJUSTGlenn, @xPoundyx.
  14. What assists do you use?

    In Motorsport I turn it all off and use cockpit view. Using cockpit view will put Rivals times into the "hardcore" leaderboard in Forza 6. I'm not sure how 7 works. In Horizon I turn the full line on (mostly) and damage off because there are too many "tracks" to learn and braking points are difficult when you're out in the dirt or in a river. You also don't have any pits.