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  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon


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  1. Light Bulbs

    There's very little risk of snow here in Tucson. We're finally dipping into the 70's (21 Celsius) during the day. Thank goodness, too. I lived in snowy climates for six years and the last thing you want to do on a freezing morning is shovel and salt things. I'll take blistering summer heat over blistering winter cold any year.
  2. Light Bulbs

    My wife from the other room after I didn't realize my laptop volume was up and I visit Xbox Society with the breakable bulbs: "What the hell did you just do?" Me (sheepishly): "Work stuff."
  3. Forza Motorsport 7 (3).jpg

  4. Project CARS 2

  5. Narrow Escape

    I've never puckered so hard in Forza. This was a full damage, full realism race and making this move could have put me in the pits if I even could have dragged my broken ass there. I am passing a group of backmarkers and made a very dangerous pass on the outside. I shouldn't have but it turned out OK. By the way, this is "Unbeatable" difficulty. It feels comparable to Project CARS 2's 30-40% difficulty. Also, check out second place's gamertag...
  6. Project CARS 2 Randomizer

    I changed some weather logic. If it's a P2P race, no weather progression and only one weather type is shown. If the progression is "Off" or only one weather type is generated, the weather progression is set to off. It didn't make sense to have 20x weather progression if it was only one type of weather. Thirdly, any multiple weather mixed with multiple laps will give a weather progression number. It sounds complicated but it's the right thing to do.
  7. Keyboard Support

    This is the final layout I ended up with. ----------------------------------- |NUM | / | * | - | | | | | | | | | DRS | FFB | | | | | UP | |---------------------------------| |7/HOME | 8/UP | 9/PUP | + | | | | | | |SEAT | DRIVER | SEAT | FFB | |UP | NAMES | FWD | DN | |---------------------------------| |4/L | 5 | 6/R | BS | | | | | | |SEAT | | SEAT | | |DOWN | | BACK | | |---------------------------------| |1/END | 2/DN | 3/PDN | ENTER | | | | | | |LCD | WIPERS | LIGHTS | PIT | | | | | REQ. | |-------------------------| | |0/INS | ./DEL | | | | | | | | | | | | | | -----------------------------------
  8. Project CARS 2 got the 3.0 patch yesterday.  It finally feels stable and that I can recommend picking it up.  It's also on sale!

  9. Project CARS 2 Randomizer

    I've made a few more updates. Time and weather progression get different values. Weather will even get "sync to race". The amount of weather slots is variable instead of always using all four. P2P races will get only one weather now.
  10. AI

    @Loodychris Patch 3 came out yesterday as well. I put about two hours in last night trying to get a setup right and it was the first time I'd put in two hours without game crashes. It felt fluid and stable in the menus. Going into the menus and navigating quickly has always been one of those "pucker" moments, hoping that the game would handle my input. I'd say that if you were on the fence, now is the time to give it a try with real money with the sale price and stable patch. I'm sure it'll be on sale again soon enough and I'm confident that future patches will only make it better. That said, online championships have been added so you can make up your own brackets and stuff now which would be pretty cool if you were one of those people who could play a game without pausing every five minutes to see if your three year old was smearing poop all over the walls. So, not for me, but it's an awesome feature.
  11. Games with Gold - 2017 ReCap

    Check out this comprehensive list on Polygon. We got just above $1,000 in games with the Gold program. That's not a bad way to offset the $60-ish annual non-discounted Gold subscription. https://www.polygon.com/2017/12/2/16717854/xbox-games-with-gold-free-games-2017-value-analysis
  12. Thrustmaster Firmware Update

    There's a firmware update for most Thrustmaster wheels (v51). Make sure to update if you have one of these.
  13. AI

    @KPDub With the second out, I'd honestly say to skip the first. If you have a wheel then try it but if you depend on gamepad, just go to the second. But for gamepad there are many other games that are more fun. Like Forza with a wheel, Project CARS with a joystick is an exercise in frustration. That's just my two cents.
  14. Text and Drive

  15. Member of the Month of November 2017?!  Awesome.  Thanks everyone!