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Status Updates posted by JasonSchlueter

  1. I tried Forza 5 for the first time yesterday.  Thanks to the rewards program I had $35 million waiting for me.9029fb49-5c35-446f-86c5-f64364770455_Thu

  2. Ken Block is nuts.


  3. Forza CARS and Project Motorsport...amirite?

  4. IMSA at Watkins Glen was awesome.  Acura took their second win in GTD.

  5. The latest version of the site looks good but I again wish I could remove the background image.  Good job guys! :up:

  6. You've put up a bunch of games on the Calendar.  Is that admin-only?  Forza 7 comes out October 3. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/forza-motorsport-7-standard-edition/9n02hd7xrwr8

    1. ITSJUSTGlenn


      Only did until end of September, but im sure any member can create an event, but I get more options like adding challenges and tournaments to the calender.

    2. JasonSchlueter


      They're all grayed out except "Community Calendar".

    3. ITSJUSTGlenn


      I must get more options then, I will add forza to the calender :up:

  7. Things have been tossed around a bit in the last few weeks but I'm wondering if anybody tried the P class Stadplatz challenge in February.

    1. ITSJUSTGlenn


      It was just you and Smelly Gargoyle that had a go.

    2. JasonSchlueter


      Dang.  Oh well, it was my best P-class track time anywhere.

  8. Will there be a Forza 6 challenge this month?

    1. ITSJUSTGlenn


      Will try to get one up tonight (uk time) :up:

  9. My daughter was born yesterday and both mom and baby are doing well!

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    2. SwitchingOne


      Congratulations mate

    3. KPDub


      Congratulations matey

    4. JasonSchlueter


      Thanks everyone. Now I wish the newborns would just sleep!

  10. The new background looks good.  It might be worth updating the old URL to forward to this one.

  11. I can see it and reply.