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  1. New Features Galore

    FYI - The Awards tab looks like there's a menu beneath it but it's empty.
  2. I found the loyalty rewards for Forza 7. Tier Driver Suit Badge Cumulative Prize Crates 2 Forza Motorsport 7 Tier 2 Badge 1 3 Forza Horizon 3 Tier 3 Badge 2 4 Forza Motorsport 6 Tier 4 Badge 3 5 Forza Horizon 2 Tier 5 Badge 4 6 Forza Motorsport 5 Tier 6 Badge 5 7 Forza Horizon Tier 7 Badge 6 8 Forza Motorsport 4 Tier 8 Badge 7 9 Forza Motorsport 3 Tier 9 Badge 8 10 Forza Motorsport 2 Tier 10 Badge 9 11 Forza Motorsport Tier 11 Badge 10 I'm sitting at level 9, close to 10 but not before release. I dig the red helmet on the FM4 firesuit. I think that these are ordered in reverse. The far right is the tier 2 reward and left is tier 11.
  3. Project CARS 2

  4. LeMans Sunrise

    From the album Project CARS 2

  5. Project CARS 2 (7).jpg

    From the album Project CARS 2

  6. Project CARS 2 (6).jpg

    From the album Project CARS 2

  7. Project CARS 2 (5).jpg

    From the album Project CARS 2

  8. Project CARS 2 (3).jpg

    From the album Project CARS 2

  9. Project CARS 2 (2).jpg

    From the album Project CARS 2

  10. Project CARS 2.jpg

    From the album Project CARS 2

  11. Project CARS 2 (8).jpg

    From the album Project CARS 2

  12. First Impressions?

    So, what did you think? I was very impressed with the menus and systems in-game. I started a career in formula rookie and had a lot of fun throughout. I did experience one awful bug (read about it here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?51472-Pole-to-12th) where I was automatically put 1m20s behind the whole field at start even when I started on pole. Check on the forum post I made for the details and video link. This is a big bug. It is embarrassing that it shipped with a bug like this but I'm confident that we'll see a fix soon. The workaround is to restart the game and it seems to honor position. Other than that, I think the physics felt very smooth on the karts and rookie cars. It looks good. It doesn't look like Forza 7 or even Forza 6 (on the XBox One Standard) but the weather and time of day progression is very very well done. I might get some game time in this weekend. I want to finish the first part of my career.
  13. Project CARS 2

    Released for XBox, PlayStation, and PC! http://www.projectcarsgame.com
  14. Project CARS 2

    It's releasing midnight, EST, 9/22...which for me is 9PM 9/21. Confusing. I'm also dumb.
  15. Forza 7 Demo

    The Forza 7 demo hits in about 40 minutes (10AM PDT). Us Americans are stuck at work.
  16. Forza 7 Demo

    It looks like PRC feels about the same. https://pretendracecars.net/2017/09/20/i-didnt-enjoy-the-forza-7-demo/
  17. Forza 7 Demo

    I agree with you completely. Rolling starts were added to 6 with the NASCAR pack. I'm pretty sure we'll get those back in 7 as the work has already been done. I play less multiplayer than career/time trial/rivals as well. This is mainly because multiplayer problems are ignored. In this case, it seems, in favor of "loot crates".
  18. Correct Moon Phase

    From the album Project CARS

    I don't know if it's a coincidence or feature.
  19. Correct Moon Phase

    I found out that this was purely coincidence. I was fooled!
  20. Forza 7 Demo

    Well, I've given the DEMO a try and I feel disappointed. Good: It's beautiful. Puddles, sun, clouds, cars, and everything else looks amazing. Seeing this in 4K HDR later on will be a treat. I think it makes Project CARS 2 look outdated already. It sounds great. The dynamic sound is nice (if you like music while you play) and the cars sound like I think they should. More fine-tuning in the control department for wheel users like me. Tons of cars. Though you'll probably find a dozen or two "go-to" cars, this makes spec challenges all the more interesting because nobody will be an expert in all cars on all tracks. Mugello is back. Bad: The HUD shakes mercilessly. Fortunately it shakes less in the cockpit view but still enough to be frustrating. The wheel feels different but not in a good way. They worked on it. Forza 5 and 6 felt the same. 7 is different. I played with it but couldn't figure out how to make it feel good (to me). Some assists have been added to aid absolute beginners but I feel like they will be abused. The friction assist will invalidate times on leaderboards but will it be allowed in multiplayer? Ugly: Drivers have costumes. This is a focus that I think you can skip over in the main game but seems like a waste of development effort. Mods are back (not in the demo). Turning "off" the motion effects does not turn them off, only lessens them. I hope this gets addressed. No rules or flags in the demo. They're probably not in the full game again. Chase cam isn't considered an assist. Am I off? What does everyone else think?
  21. Forza 7 Demo Out Now

    I started a thread in the Forza club also.
  22. Forza 7 Demo

    The demo is out. Turn10 is streaming on Twitch. The demo looks to be the same demo from E3. Check out the list of celebrities in the game. https://forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/fm7_demo_live
  23. New Features Galore

    It's (almost) simple... Go to http://xboxclips.com/ Type in your user name (http://xboxclips.com/BulletMagnetMac/screenshots) Click on a screenshot to download it. Here's the hard part...you'll need to convert it due to the upload size restrictions. Convert it from PNG to JPG - mid quality - and it should be under 300k. Drag and drop to upload. If you want to embed an image hosted at another site: Find the image and its path. In Opera it's right click and "copy image address". On Xbox-society.com, click on "insert other media" and then "insert image from URL".
  24. Victory!

    From the album Project CARS

  25. Project CARS

    My own photos from Project CARS1.