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  1. forza horizon 3

    1:06.233. More to come.
  2. forza horizon 3

    There was a Rolls Royce (Phantom/Wraith?) monthly challenge a few years ago in Forza 6 that made me question the handling of the luxury boats. I was pleasantly surprised.
  3. forza 6

    Cold tires make the first half-dozen turns a gamble...and it's a bit slower because you have to restart. It sure adds to the challenge. I'll give a run again to the spec challenge and I'll see how I do in rivals.
  4. Things have been tossed around a bit in the last few weeks but I'm wondering if anybody tried the P class Stadplatz challenge in February.

    1. ITSJUSTGlenn


      It was just you and Smelly Gargoyle that had a go.

    2. JasonSchlueter


      Dang.  Oh well, it was my best P-class track time anywhere.

  5. I've heard good things about the Porsche models on PRC.
  6. Hello new forum and new people! I've organized an Xbox club aimed at getting physical wheel users together to practice, race, and share strategies. It is a zero-obligation participation club but hopefully will be a decent hub for discussion on how Forza handles wheel mechanics. I'm a husband, dad, and full time worker and I suspect most of the club's members will have as little spare time as I. Check it out here -> https://account.xbox.com/en-US/clubs/profile?clubid=3379893409599459.
  7. I'd love to but I can only get online after 9PM my time (-7h). Weekends are with kids, week days are at work.
  8. Did you play Rise of the Tomb Raider? I really enjoyed that.
  9. Will there be a Forza 6 challenge this month?

    1. ITSJUSTGlenn


      Will try to get one up tonight (uk time) :up:

  10. Sports Games Paid For Forza Motorsport 6 Forza Horizon 1 Forza Horizon 2 Forza Horizon 3 Trials Fusion Project Cars (free next month) Free Burnout Paradise Grid 2 Dirt 3 The Crew I really only play the Forza games and, on occasion, something will distract me on later nights. Right now I'm playing through DOOM but previously I completed Earthlock, Duck Tales, and Puzzle Quest. In the real world, I drive a 2003 Honda Element.
  11. I found this site a while ago. It's ad supported and allows you to keep track of your cars in the Forza games. It can take a bit of work going through your whole garage when you first get started but it sort of cool to have everything in one place. http://www.kudosprime.com/
  12. My daughter was born yesterday and both mom and baby are doing well!

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    2. SwitchingOne


      Congratulations mate

    3. KPDub


      Congratulations matey

    4. JasonSchlueter


      Thanks everyone. Now I wish the newborns would just sleep!

  13. The new background looks good.  It might be worth updating the old URL to forward to this one.

  14. Project Cars!.....has a horrendous menu system but feels good with a wheel. It might be worth a few evenings with some friends. The PC version is a dozen times better.
  15. I don't know if anybody here is aware of the Pretend Race Cars site but it focuses critically on racing simulators and is quite opinionated. Forza and Gran Turismo often get immediately dismissed when there is talk about "sim" racers. I think that this is a good opinion piece on the state of the sim racing hobby and in defense of what Forza and GT provide to the environment. https://pretendracecars.net/2017/01/12/get-that-arcade-shit-out-of-here/
  16. I can see it and reply.

  17. Has anybody seen this documentary yet? I haven't but it looks very good. It came out in November and is getting very positive reviews. You can pick it up or rent it through Amazon or buy it straight from this place for $15. It's the story of Ford and Ferrari in the 1960s. https://chassymedia.com/product/24-hour-war/
  18. I watched it with my wife last night. It was excellent. I would have liked to hear more numbers and stats but the footage was awesome. Everybody who is still alive was interviewed and who wasn't was pretty seamlessly added from old interviews about the same stuff. It's a $5 rental on Vudu or Amazon (in the United States).
  19. motorsport

    Does anybody follow IMSA or WEC? I'm a big fan of the GTLM cars and watched most of last season. The new season kicks off in a few months.
  20. I like this section of the website. http://www.minorating.com/Rules Thanks for sharing.
  21. I have the same stand. I'd love to see Forza handle the dirty driving primarily because I won't likely ever have a computer that can run any modern games. I have Project Cars on the Xbox but the menu system is so brutally bad that I can't enjoy the game. I have a mental wish list for the next Forza which is heavy on clean racing tweaks including flags and qualifying.
  22. Sell it as something for the both of you. Remember the old Simpsons episode where Homer buys Marge a bowling ball? She almost left him.... oh wait...
  23. motorsport

    My apologies for not being clearer. Yep, car racing. IMSA and WEC are GT and prototype cars. IMSA focuses on shorter two to three hour races where WEC has longer, six to twenty-four hour races.
  24. You just have to balance the priorities. I explained that it would be a good opportunity to play with my older daughter once in a while. It isn't at all and the fifteen minutes we play with it before she gets bored will make it a family investment. Work the system.
  25. Pandora's not even listed? Ouch. Oh well, Groove is free for me so I'll vote for that.