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  1. This is a great article.
  2. Yeah @KPDub, it can be a bit overwhelming, but they are a nice break from thinking after a long day. Super hero overload is definitely real at the moment though. @Medics, I love em as well, they're most of what I watch on TV at the moment.
  3. Haha well they are doing some clever things with Wells, I kind of just want them to cut the crap and let E2 Harrison be the only one we see. I loved Arrow for a long time, but was disappointed by how deep they have gone in the relationships route. Flash is the best of the shows, Legends of Tomorrow is getting better and better. Also, Supergirl is FANTASTIC!
  4. Any other watchers of the Flash TV show, or comic readers here? Always down for a good conversation about the latest in the world of Flash haha.