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  1. The Flash

    Yeah @KPDub, it can be a bit overwhelming, but they are a nice break from thinking after a long day. Super hero overload is definitely real at the moment though. @Medics, I love em as well, they're most of what I watch on TV at the moment.
  2. The Flash

    Haha well they are doing some clever things with Wells, I kind of just want them to cut the crap and let E2 Harrison be the only one we see. I loved Arrow for a long time, but was disappointed by how deep they have gone in the relationships route. Flash is the best of the shows, Legends of Tomorrow is getting better and better. Also, Supergirl is FANTASTIC!
  3. Forza

    Understood, was just curious since Motorsport is technically a form of Forza similar to Horizon, hence the recommendation to use just Forza as an overall header for the section.
  4. The Flash

    Any other watchers of the Flash TV show, or comic readers here? Always down for a good conversation about the latest in the world of Flash haha.
  5. Forza

    Just curious, is the plan to have Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon postings all made within the Forza Motorsport banner, or should Horizon postings be made under the other banner? If the former, it may make sense to make the heading just Forza, instead of Forza Motorsport.
  6. kamikazebot91

    Look forward to racing with ya all. should be on when I get home tionight!
  7. kamikazebot91

    Hey everyone, my name is TJ and I'm in Arizona. Gamertag: Kamikazebot91 I'm a web developer, music lover, and a long time gamer. Currently playing a lot of Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Horizon 3, but also have Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and tons of other games. I typically play at night, and you can often find me streaming at twitch.tv/kamikazebot I'm competative when it comes to my racing, but only in the sense that I am constantly striving to improve and be a better racer. Haven't played much FPS in a long time, but looking forward to getting back in to it a bit. I have been gaming since I was just a kid, Feel free to add me and invite me to a game, if I'm up for it, I'll be glad to join ya! Also, if an admin would be so kind as to change my display name to add the 91, I would appreciate it!