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  1. forza 6

    I like the AWD Lambo's with all that front end grip and power, easy to tune also!
  2. forza horizon 3

    That was fun, and amazed at how well the Bentley handled.
  3. forza 6

    More fun tuned and warm tires on 3rd lap in Rivals. 2.31.885
  4. forza 6

    2.36.555 The one thing I really dislike about FM6 is the Spec trials with only one lap, cold tires, and no tune. Not really fun.
  5. Console "saves" are now working on Assetto Corsa. New Porsche models are a dream!
  6. Shneeb108 has... Assetto Corsa Project Cars FH3 FM6 Dirt3 RR3 Skyrim SE My real car is a Chevy camaro rs
  7. I cut my teeth on the M360 wheel in FM4, but it became incompatible with FM6, so I upgraded to the G920 with the GTEYE spring option, and a Playseat, and I'm very happy with it. For the FFB, It's sort of weak in FM6, very good in Project cars, but liken to a big science project, and also very good in Assetto, and much easier to configure. Ca't wait until AC can get better servers so it functions better. FH3 FFB is actually quite good, and that will most likely carry over to FM7.