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  1. Assassins Creed Origins

    Have started this and done 2 hours maximum, but havent really acomplished much but is such a gorgeous looking game that i dont mind taking my time.
  2. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Seems they have now disabled the pay to win side of things, you now unlock the heroes by playing the game through.
  3. What's your favourite lager?

    I'm mainly a cider drinker but San Miguel is always consumed on holidays as we mainly go to Spain. Tuborg if it's on offer in Tesco
  4. The Random Linked Song Thread

  5. Happy birthday switch!

    Hope you had a good one
  6. Anyone about

    Going to be on doing the star wars battlefront 2 multiplayer
  7. Survival on Hoth

    45m 50 seconds
  8. Favourite Christmas Films

    It's almost that time again so I want to know what are your favourite Xmas films. There are ones I watch every year religiously. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Bad Santa Scrooged Christmas with the Kranks. I'm sure as my daughter gets older this list will increase
  9. Your avatar makes me want to clean my glasses each time I see it.

  10. 10th November: Titanfall 2

    Should be on from 8.30
  11. Sticker or no sticker that is the question

    Left mine on until it got sold in August
  12. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    Can't see mine arriving on Tuesday now, Microsoft have taken funds but still haven't dispatched my console
  13. Name change poll

    It's less letters than Devils Gargoyle Take the spaces out then
  14. Name change poll

    Sound As A Pound