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  1. NYC FC (Loodychris) v Santos (MEDICS)

    @Loodychris, @Medics
  2. As I havent heard from @MrTUBESSSS I am awarding a 1 - 0 win to @KPDub
  3. @MrTUBESSSS, @KPDub have we decided whats happening to this game?
  4. Arrange your game here @o0 Bresy 0o, @xPoundyx Arrange your game here
  5. What's happening then @MrTUBESSSS
  6. Games Nights and Clubs

    Hey guys, don't be afraid to organise games nights yourselves using the Clubs or Events sections of the site. You can make a Club for anything you like (within reason ), and it doesnt have to be a popular game, it can be a game you find or play that you might think others would enjoy.
  7. Destiny 2

  8. Destiny 2

    What clan has everyone moved to now, as just looked on the bungie site and there's only me and bresy left?
  9. Destiny 2

    We had a clan for the first game called XBS Raiders but only a few members joined and some arnt here anymore. So a new one was made by loodychris and thats the one we are all joining
  10. N00B

  11. Destiny 2

    Taking my time with this game this time round, shot through the first destiny too fast and had to wait ages for the first expansion
  12. FIFA 18 Demo

    Played the Alex Hunter part and one match, wasnt impressed and will be the first time I dont buy it. Will use the Ea Access trial and then wait until it goes in the vault.
  13. Deadline for this game is Friday 15th September
  14. Destiny 2

    Im the same, I played about 2 hours last night and its different enough for me to enjoy it compared to the amount of hours I put into the first game I thought it would be pretty similar