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  1. Lethal Weapon - The TV Series

    Missed the last couple of episodes, but liked what I saw of the rest.
  2. Games with Gold: August 2017

    4 new games available on Xbox One and XBox 360. Slime Rancher (Aug 1-31) For Beatrix LeBeau, being a rancher can be tough. Especially when she moves a thousand light years away for her job! Add to that, she’s not wrangling cattle, she’s wrangling slimes. A lot of slimes! But there’s money to be made in slime science. Careful though, it’s a risky business when vacpacs and jetpacks are your tools. Trials Fusion (Aug 16 - September 15) Powered by a top-notch physics system, Trials Fusion is packed with a wide variety of challenging levels encouraging you to pull off countless tricks and stunts. Prepare to show off in ways you never imagined with Trials‘ intuitive and addictive gameplay. Bayonetta (Aug 1 - 15) Stylish over-the-top finishing moves and epic set pieces push the limits of the action genre in Bayonetta. As a witch with magical powers and deadly weapons, you’ll flow gracefully in battle from one angelic enemy to the next in this critically acclaimed game. Red Faction: Armageddon (Aug 16 - 31) Save Mars from an ancient evil in Red Faction: Armageddon. After a half-century of peace on Mars, the Red Faction resistance is called upon to save Mars from destruction. Survive hordes of enemies with friends in co-op or battle across the red planet in an epic solo campaign.
  3. Championship Sign Up

    @SilentReaver, @DingoChutney can you both add me on xbox live whewasn you get a chance as having problems finding you both
  4. Championship Sign Up

    @SilentReaver, @DingoChutney are your screen names on here the same as your gamertags on xbox live?
  5. Championship Sign Up

    Right here is what im going to suggest Team 1 - @KPDub, @Medics Team 2 - @SilentReaver, @DingoChutney Team 3 - @ITSJUSTGlenn, @xPoundyx Lets get this started, unless there's any objections
  6. Fantasy Football

    We did have one for the past few years, the official one and the skysports super 6. Happy for you to get one set up, as I was going to wait until end of the month before I was going to start them.
  7. New Telltale sequels

    Telltale is to release a new season of its Batman series, another season of The Walking Dead, and a follow up to The Wolf Among Us. Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series, and is a direct sequel to the first season. The new big bad in town is The Riddler, who will be wreaking havoc in Gotham alongside the game's pre-Joker, John Doe. Expect the first episodes in August this year. Next up is season 4 of The Walking Dead, which has the working title of "The Final Season". Telltale will be wrapping up Clementine's story, and will arrive in 2018. And lastly, Telltale delivered a third announcement that players have been crying out for since 2014. The Wolf Among Us Season 2 will debut next year also.
  8. Championship Sign Up

    We are now discussing about doing this now
  9. Pro Evo Soccer 2018 Online Beta

    Should be around to give it a go
  10. Pro Evo Soccer 2018 Online Beta

    3-on-3 co-op matches are back on PES and we can test this multiplayer element right now The beta is free to all, no Live Gold needed and supports both 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 gameplay. You can play as Brazil or France. It runs until 31 July
  11. Fix 4 & 9 - ITSJUSTGlenn v xPoundyX

    Im on my hols this week so will have to be from next monday onwards mate, will let you know
  12. Championship Sign Up

  13. The NEW Doctor Who

    Well, us Dr Who fans have been waiting and wondering who will take over the TARDIS from Peter Capaldi, and with the Broadchurch writer taking over next series, he has chosen his doctor to be a female! What do you guys think of this change in gender for the doctor?
  14. 1:01.995 Honda Civic Type R Need to save some pennies and get a faster car
  15. Off The Chain

    3:08.024 dirty