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  1. New Transfer Window Rumours

  2. Rate the Last Movie you watched

    Watched this film called Life, that's just been on Sky Cinema, kept me hooked all the way through. 8/10.
  3. The Random Linked Song Thread

    One of my daughter's favourite songs.
  4. Favourite Christmas Films

    It's almost that time again so I want to know what are your favourite Xmas films. There are ones I watch every year religiously. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Bad Santa Scrooged Christmas with the Kranks. I'm sure as my daughter gets older this list will increase
  5. Your avatar makes me want to clean my glasses each time I see it.

  6. TFIF: FIFA 18 Clubs

    Come and join us for our MOTM choice
  7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Just posted up the official one as well as I posted an earlier trailer instead
  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    It's that time of year again when another Star Wars film leads us into Christmas. Booked my tickets this morning, and looking at these trailers it is going to be one hell of a film!
  9. The Gifted (X-Men TV Series)

    Think that's The Runaways?
  10. The Gifted (X-Men TV Series)

    This starts tonight at 9pm on FOX UK
  11. Rate the Last Movie you watched

    Watched Legend starring Tom Hardy as Reggie and Ronnie Kray. Bit different than the film in the 90's starring Gary and Martin Kemp. Adapted from the book The Profession of Violence, and deals more with the relationship between the brothers and eventually their downfall leading to their imprisonment for life in the late sixties.
  12. Sky Mobile

    Well they use O2's network so if you get a good signal with them then it will be ok. I personally use Vodafone as where I live they have the better reach.
  13. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    So many missed opportunities in another game and giving away off balls, although Spartaks 2 keepers have pulled off some great saves.