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  1. Sky Mobile

    xPoundyx it is worth it as I have over 1gb of data in my piggy bank
  2. Sky Mobile

    xPoundyx I am on sky mobile and been on it for a few months think it is a good network, As i am a sky customer i get free calls and texts which are unlimited for £5.00 per month. I also pay £15 per month for the Iphone se which i dont mind as i have always wanted a iPhone, I love the rollover data as it means I always have data to use if i don't use it all
  3. Anyone play CoD Much?

    I play cod have them all apart from Ghosts, but will be holding off getting the new one as i only have enough money to get Forza 7
  4. FIFA 18 - 10 hour free time

    i am in the middle of installing it
  5. Forza 7 Demo Out Now

    I am getting it but I am confused as I have ordered it in a shop and get 4 days early access but dont know if i can get it 4 days early or only on release day
  6. Hamilton vs Vettel

    KPDub I think Vettel should have been punished more then a 10 second stop go penatly
  7. Hamilton vs Vettel

    Hamilton did not brake test, but Vettel was in the wrong for pulling along side of him and then driving into him on purpose