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  1. I was on 100mb with Virgin and phone line, I was in the position to change but they did a free upgrade to 150mb and phone line for £27 a month so push for whatever you can get
  2. I would like having a team go at this on extreme, when my Internet sorts itself out
  3. The joy pad is reduced, think it's £55 fir game and one of the special edition joypads. You can add another basic wireless pad for another discount but I think it needs to be with this game
  4. Not sure if this is interesting to anyone but a great deal
  5. It does indeed, you can get pet friendly caravans though
  6. Been offered this and a tenner for BF1
  7. Played this on 360 might be worth a loom as well Ta
  8. Did you decide on anywhere mate
  9. Watched this last week, decent film about the BP disaster in gulf of Mexico. If you have not seen it it is worth a watch. I would give it a 7 out of 10. It shows how money is taken over safety and the environment
  10. I hqve Battlefield 1 which I rarely go on so I am getting rid, but what game would people reccomend other than Wildlands. Thinking mafia 3 or watchdogs 2 but happy to listen to suggestions
  11. cdkeys are selling this at 99p if anyone is interested
  12. Just for your info fallout shelter is free in store, this is a standalone game
  13. Not me sorry mate