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  1. Hats off to Wenger

    He told Mike Dean that he is not an honest person and that he is a disgrace. Not going to argue with him on that.
  2. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Lots of rumours regarding 3 more out and 3 in for Arsenal. 3 Out: Debuchy Walcott Alexis 3 In: Evans Malcom Aubameyang Not really sure about Evans but would be happy with the other 2 as replacements for Alexis and Theo. Now, If Gazidis and Kroenke would kindly piss off as well!
  3. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Like he did with Lemar in the summer. Bid £92m for him just before he was due to play for France and left him no chance to think about it or to convince him that it's the right move. Instead he relied on Giroud, Lacazette and Koscielny going Into his hotel room and trying to convince the player for him. Arsenal squad needs such a mass overhaul now, it's ridiculous.
  4. New Transfer Window Rumours

    Sick of hearing about Alexis to City. Just let him go and cash in on him for whatever you can get now FFS.
  5. Rate the Last Movie you watched

    Mother! Utter tripe.
  6. New Transfer Window Rumours

    VVD to Liverpool for £75m...... stupid money. David Luis to Arsenal. Talks of Perez being called back. Theo Walcott to Southampton on Loan
  7. Sports Personality of the Year 2017

    I Thought that Lewis or AJ would win. Was hoping that Jonathan Rea would do it but that was always a long shot as Motorcycle racers rarely get anywhere in these things as it just doesn't have the following that others have, such as F1. That's said, stoked he got second place and I'm pleased for Sir Mo. Read somewhere that AJ missed out on 3rd by 18 votes.
  8. iPhone or Samsung

    This basically sums up what I think of the iPhone X..... Just can't see why Apple generate the hype and I definitely can't understand how they justify the price tag of that phone. I've had a number of phones over the years. I'll happily use iOS or Android but the pricing for Apple phones is just getting way out of hand now. It's not even like you are getting some ground breaking piece of tech either. That said, I probably wouldn't go down the Samsung route either due to the cost of them. I Would be looking at something like the OnePlus 5 or the 5T which comes out soon.
  9. Favourite Christmas Films

    Oh and the 2 Bad Santa films are my favourites
  10. Favourite Christmas Films

    Home Alone Home Alone 2 For some reason they always find their way onto the TV in our house at Xmas
  11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I Am looking forward to it, not many films get me into a cinema these days but this will. Although I do agree that it does look like a bit of a re-skin of Empire in the same way that I thought that The Force Awaken was just a re-hash of A New Hope. Didnt stop me enjoying it though. Liked Rogue One as well.
  12. Rate the Last Movie you watched

    Watched 3 films last weekend; 47 Meters Down - Not bad but nothing special. Transformers: The Last Knight - Quite enjoyed this one. Found Anthony Hopkins to be quite funny. Annabelle: Creation - Enjoyable, yet predictable (as most are), horror flick.
  13. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    No, they seem to have replaced Sunderland as the whipping boys of the Premier League. Hodgson looks dejected already
  14. Wenger gets his wad out and other Transfer Rumours

    Plenty of pictures around of Ox in Liverpool gear. Cant believe we managed to get around £40m for him. Will we keep Alexis? personally id rather see him move on while we can get some money for him.
  15. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    I Doubt he would get game time in his preferred position where ever he ends up, Assuming he ends up at one of the bigger clubs, as they all have players that are simply better than he is that already play in his position. But good luck to him, he hasn't been a dick about it, just said he wants a fresh challenge so fair play.