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  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon

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  1. Name change poll

  2. AI

    Thanks for the info Jason
  3. Name change poll

    Thanks guys. @KPDub I Seem to have the ability to change my title but not my username
  4. Name change poll

    On the subject of name changes, I changed my gamertag a little while ago but keep forgetting to mention it here to get my username changed. Would someone be so kind as to change my username to "Daft Sith"? If you have seen that name on your friends list and wondered who the hell it was, it's me
  5. Sea of Thieves Release Date Confirmed

    This is one of those games that many people seem to be hyping up but anytime I've seen gameplay, I just don't get how that hype is justified!? Just doesn't look like my cup of tea at all
  6. AI

    Was tempted by this last night as I noticed that it had gone on sale again for £25 which, for Jason, works out at just over $33
  7. AI

    I Quickly scanned the list, nice to see that they are improving things but couldn't see anything to address the career progression issue!?
  8. AI

    Shame, I Quite like the demo, especially after I changed the controller settings. As much as I enjoy Forza for what it is, the more realistic racing model in PC2 appeals to me as well. I Believe that the demo is the enhanced version as I have the ability to select between better visuals, resolution and frame rate. I Watched a YouTube video that said that the demo contains the upcoming patch for the game which would explain why people are saying that it looks a bit better and plays a bit better. Will keep and eye on this as its something I'm interested in.
  9. AI

    Only thing that concerns me is that some people are complaining that the Demo seems to be from a different build of the game that looks and plays better than the full release!? Does the full game still have problems?
  10. Happy 40th Mac

    Happy Birthday @BulletMagnetMac Hope you have a good one
  11. AI

    Had a quick go at this using a Ferrari 458 GT3 around the Austrian Red Bull Ring circuit. Seems fun and controller input seems much improved over the first game. There is room for improvement but I will have a play around with some settings later and see where that takes me. Based on what I've played, I may purchase it.
  12. AI

    Strangely, a demo for this game has been released today. They must have heard me. Downloading now and will give it a go later
  13. Is the Force strong with this one?

    I Have a suspicion that my other half will get it for me for Xmas. Hopefully the game will be in a better state by then.
  14. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Yeah, its basically a £50 game with a loot crate business model taken from a free to play game. Its good that they have disabled micro transactions but I'm not a fan of the star card progression/ level system. Even IGN have only given the game a 6.5 mainly because of that very system. That and they weren't very impressed by the campaign. It's a shame because the game looks/ sounds incredible and from what I've played of the multiplayer in the EA Access trial, its really fun to play as well. They claim to be listening and will be making changes to the game in due course. Both versions are currently sat at 71 on Metacritic which isn't a complete disaster but probably nowhere near what they were hoping for. That said, Im not sure how well the game is done in terms of sales though. Being Star Wars its probably sold quite well.
  15. Xbox gold early discounts

    There were a couple of games that I was interested in but I can't remember what they were now. Will have to have another look if I get on the Xbox later tonight
  16. Assassins Creed Origins

    Started playing this earlier in the week and I'm struggling to get into it for some reason. Seems like a massive game with plenty to do but it just doesn't seem to do a good job of making me actually want to do it. Anyone else have this? Does it get better the more it opens up!?
  17. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Yes but there are rumours going around about that system being in this game. So they have now stopped Micro transactions on a temporary basis but the issue of loot boxes remains. Get rid of them. Or make it so that they only contain cosmetics and make the character improving star cards available for completing in-game tasks. Get 50 kills with Assault class to Unlock this Assault Card etc As for WW2, the game doesn't have any P2W elements as far as i'm aware. It has gun variants but all they do is give more XP rather than having improved range or damage stats etc
  18. AI

    Haven't bothered with this game due to being a controller player. I Was hoping that there would be a Demo for it so I could judge it for myself
  19. What's your favourite lager?

    I Rarely have any. I Used to like Bitters, Ales & Guinness but for Xmas, I normally buy a bottle of Capt Morgans Spiced Rum. Or, if its on offer, a bottle of Kraken Rum
  20. How do you like your steak?

    Medium here too
  21. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Sadly, that's not the Pay to Win element that people are complaining about. Its the Star Cards which boost your characters abilities by quite a considerable margin that seem to be the problem. Also, there has been reports floating around of a match making system that purposefully puts lower ranked players in with higher levelled players that have a lot of the good stuff equipped as its more likely to make you want that stuff and then start paying out money for loot crates as a result. If true, that's shocking.
  22. Is the Force strong with this one?

    The game is fun, looks & sounds incredible. Judging by the reviews I have read, the Single player is pretty bad and very short. I Haven't played any of it so cant comment on that. The main issue is what Dice have been forced to do by EA regarding the loot crates. They claim to be listening and have reduced the costs of Heroes like Vader from 60,000 to 15,000 credits but that does nothing for the pay to win element with the loot crates. Personally, I have no issue with loot crate micro-transactions if its only cosmetic items that don't affect the gameplay experience but what they have done here is just plain bullshit and needs addressing..... fast!!
  23. Anyone about

    I've been playing a lot of COD WW2 lately due to the Triple XP weekend that's just gone, managed to get to first prestige. Also played a little of the Battlefront 2 trial......... man that game is getting some hate at the moment! Need to play more Assassins Creed Origins though, only played the first hour and havent touched it since.
  24. Xbox One X Review

    Still really impressed with mine. The enhancements to Halo 5 have been done really well, the game looks incredible in 4K.
  25. iPhone or Samsung

    This basically sums up what I think of the iPhone X..... Just can't see why Apple generate the hype and I definitely can't understand how they justify the price tag of that phone. I've had a number of phones over the years. I'll happily use iOS or Android but the pricing for Apple phones is just getting way out of hand now. It's not even like you are getting some ground breaking piece of tech either. That said, I probably wouldn't go down the Samsung route either due to the cost of them. I Would be looking at something like the OnePlus 5 or the 5T which comes out soon.