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  1. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    So the pre-orders are now open. As I've mentioned I am not getting one at the moment and to be honest, probably not at all. I've been doing a little bit of research into it and to be honest I can't see them being able to hit their benchmark of "True 4K Gaming" and I will tell you why.... The GPU in the X is 6 terraflops, this is almost the equivalent to the GTX 1070 which has 6.5 terraflops. All the reviews for the 1070 is that it is a great card, however, for 4K gaming on high settings it struggles because to run 4K on high settings you need to be looking at a 1080 or a 1080Ti. So the fact that the 1070, with all be it slightly more power struggles to run 4K at high settings makes me questions how on earth something with less power is going to? I think that if they do manage to pull off 4K at all times then this will be either at 30fps rather than the magical 60 or it will be 4k, 60fps but the settings will be automatically tuned down to mid or even low so they can hold that resolution and stability. The next thing I am dubious about is the cooling, if it is going to do all of that above then it is going to run hot, real hot. At E3 they talked about some special cooling system they had developed that takes the heat away from the GPU but that was it. They didn't mention about cooling the other parts that will get hot, the CPU will be taking a battering as well, how are they going to keep that cool and stop that from slowing down and causing issues? The top of the X has no fans on it at all unlike the X1 and the S, all the ventilation is at the sides, and for me that doesn't seem like enough. I think this might be a 360 all over again and we will see them burning themselves out all over the place. I like the sound and the idea of the X but I just don't think they will be able to do it. I am pretty sure, before the Xbox One launched they claimed it would be able to do 1080p gaming and it can't. Most of the time games run in 900p apart from specially optimized games like Gears 4 for example. Yes they have mentioned a graphical improvement for people on 1080p displays and a more solid frame rate, which is great. But the question is, is that worth £450? I think the answer for a lot of people is no. Time will tell how well this does but I can't see it flying off the shelves, I'm sure if you head down to GAME a couple of days after release you'll be able to get one no problems.
  2. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    I mean we are right to let Costa go as he is toxic for the club and his discipline is awful. I was annoyed we got rid of Zouma as he is a wall and yeah I am not so much annoyed we got rid of Matic as he is replaceable especially as we got Bakayoko but to sell him to Man U is shocking. Especially only for £45M which is todays market is peanuts.
  3. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Bit late to this one but what an embarrassing start to the season for us (Chelsea). It's like the season before last all over again, I can't understand the boards decision to let so many players go out on loan when we haven't brought anyone in to replace them. Fine let them go but at least have the cover before hand that is just basic common sense surely? We need a couple of CB's ASAP and another winger as Hazard isn't fit for a while yet and Pedro is doubtful, so an injury or suspension to one of those at any point and we are thin. I think at this point we just need some experience so Drinkwater, OX, Sandro, VVD and I think we will be OK. Not much to ask for in the last week or so...
  4. XBS Barclays Fantasy League - Week 1

    Think Lukaku will serve me well this season. If I keep on top of the substitutes past Christmas which I never seem to do!
  5. Fantasy Football

    Well as I can't add my teams image I shall write it down the old fashioned way. 3-4-3 formation. De Gea Walker Baines Milner Fabregas Willian Wijnaldum Kante Rooney Chicharito Lukaku Subs - Myhill (GK) Bertrand , Lanzini, Valencia
  6. Fantasy Football

    Can't copy my Fantasy team though as it isn't an image on the website.
  7. Top and bottom of prem predictions

    Tough for me, I would like us to defend our title but I can't see it happening without us investing heavily in the next couple of weeks. I think if we do well in the league we will suffer in the CL and the same if we do well in CL we won't do well in the league.
  8. Hi there

  9. Fantasy Football

    How do I add images into the reply? Can't seem to do it!
  10. What are you up to right now?

    At work!
  11. Wenger gets his wad out and other Transfer Rumours

    Chelsea need some players and quick, are squad looks paper thin. If we get an injury to say Morata we are left with Batman and that's it. Need another striker (shouldn't have sold Solanke!) Couple of midfielders for cover and another couple of defenders. Again, shouldn't have sent so many out on loan and we would be fine. Some of the junior players we could play in the group stages on the CL and leave the senior people for the league etc and later stages of tournaments. I love my club but there is one thing I don't think will ever change and that is our policy on youth players. It must come from the top as we have had too many managers who don't bother with them but our youth team is the best around. Won like 4 out of the last 5 youth cups!
  12. Fantasy Football

    Done my team too, got Lukaku, Rooney and Hernandez up front. I think Rooney will score a few now he is main man again. Chicarito is a goal poacher and Lukaku annoyingly will score lots. Avoided Tottenham for the start as I think they will have a poor season due to lack of investment and the fact that they played crap at Wembley in the CL last year and I don't see that changing in the league this year.
  13. Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2

    Sold BF1 a while back as I lost interest in it. I might buy EA Access again as I let it expire back in May, I already have a digital copy of TF2 so won't benefit from that. So will essentially be paying £19.99 for BF1 again. I will think about it haha.
  14. Ahoy!

    Nice one mate glad to see you!
  15. Anyone play CoD Much?

    This is also what people failed to realise about the last 3 games they have been jetpacks. When AW came out and people hated it each developer was too deep into production to stop BO3 and IW they had no choice. People thought they weren't listening but truth is they had all committed to a project to try something different and there was no backtracking after the first one as it was already too late for the next two.