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  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
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  1. 10th November: Titanfall 2

    Got booted a lot due to conflicting with other members, but what bits I played I enjoyed.
  2. Top and bottom of prem predictions

    Be careful what you wish for r kid.
  3. PES 2018 Demo

    I have downloaded it, but have not yet taken to the field.
  4. Destiny 2

    There actually is a clan set up. Was set up at vanilla stage of Destiny. Not in use now though.
  5. Still a lot of errors in his game, but there is no denying he is a talent. As for the OX going to Liverpool ? He says he wants to pay down the middle of the midfield and does not want to play as a wingback. Can someone tell me who he will be replacing in the Liverpool engine room ?
  6. Mayweather v McGregor

    Going to watch it on Sky 'on demand'. Seems like McGregor made a decent fist of it .
  7. Mayweather v McGregor

    Woke up this morning and saw that McGregor was stopped in the tenth and then the interviews afterwards. Did anyone watch the fight in full ?
  8. Champions League Draw

    Even though United have the easier group as Karl says, bet you we'll still make hard work of it. Apart from a couple of teams, there are no mugs in this competition.
  9. What are you up to right now?

    Sat in McDonalds on my laptop, but can't be assed to complete the work I started to do. Oh well ...., coffee, medium fries and a cheeseburger
  10. Destiny 2

    I have all three characters a a good level, but my main homie is my Warlock. Do not like the Hunter at all. All this discussion is having me think about dabbling again. Hmmmmm.
  11. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Apparently, after Coutinho he is the man. The players said that he does it in training all the time
  12. Ronaldo banned for 5 games

    Agree with the above, however, if you lay your hands on an official in this country in the way Ronaldo did he would have got an automatic six game ban. Why was the Fabregas yellow ridiculous ? He knew he would get a yellow card, but did it anyway. If I was Conte I would have fined him for his petulance. I know he was upset with the Cahill red card, but rules are rules.
  13. Destiny 2

    I practically hammered the first game then got really bored of it. It will take something special for me to pick it up again. Just didn't find the time to complete the raids as KP and Glenn can testify.
  14. Anyone play CoD Much?

    I felt I was throwing away my hard earned after MW2, bought the next 2 after that (also Black Ops), then thought, "enough is enough". I didn't like the fact that most of the maps were really small unlike a couple of the maps from MW2 which ruined the MP for me.