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  1. I like that .... "code name"
  2. What was the deal Matt ?
  3. Hopefully will be around for a session for a couple of hours. Feel free to join if your around guys.
  4. Looks like Overwatch.
  5. Think I may download this.
  6. Comes highly recommended if you want to play the game in a more stealthy manner.
  7. I'm currently looking for the best deal as I feel that VIRGIN are not providing me with the best all round package. Like Karl says, Virgin constantly throttle the life out of the connections so looking for value for money rather than the biggest pipe.
  8. Apparently the ref who did the Swansea v Burnley game had just come back from a Stag do
  9. Can't argue with anything there. Rooney's comments made me laugh as he had his back to the Mings incident and then says he was too far away to see the Ibs elbow.
  10. Nothing much to add here as Karl has pretty much said it all. To conclude, a fit Haye would have had Bellew out of there by eight, but those are the breaks. Heard rumblings that Haye had sustained this injury a few days before the fight, but obviously did not want to pull out as Bellew had goaded him pre fight, by saying he will always have an excuse when he loses. Remember toegate after the Klitscho fight.
  11. Day One purchase for me. Was speaking with one of my mates in Game, who knows his shit. He ain't let me down yet.
  12. Really ? Can't say I've ever noticed
  13. You took the words right out of my mouth. KP and myself know who the main culprits are.
  14. Blink and you'll miss it
  15. Nice one Sharkey