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  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon
  • 12 Days of XBS coming soon


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  1. Battlefront Sign Up

    Maybe some other time I'm Not allowed mine till Christmas (Plus the Fact I'm Working Nights on the 10th)
  2. Elite Dangerous

    Still got it on Xbox but can't get on with all the Stuff you need to do in the Cockpit on the left and right screens and all that Requesting Permission to dock with the Space Stations every time
  3. Happy 40th Mac

    Happy Birthday you Old Git
  4. Is the Force strong with this one?

    I Can't Complain I'm getting it for Christmas so not Costing me anything
  5. Favourite Christmas Films

    Never really got to watch Christmas Movies I always seem to get the Short end of the Stick and have to Work all over Christmas in fact this year is the First I'm having Christmas day and Boxing day off for about 10 years
  6. Assassins Creed Origins

    I'm Loving it am Finding it 1000 times Better than 3 or Unity in fact it's taking over from Brotherhood and Black Flag as my Favourite
  7. Is the Force strong with this one?

    You still Buy the Star Cards but it's with ingame Credits now what they have done is put a stop to Buying the Crystals with Real Money to get the star cards as for the Matchmaking Rumour that's not Battlefront 2 that's Activision Still not sure how True they are maybe people who have played MP on WW2 will know better
  8. What's your favourite lager?

    Like myself a Fosters with either a Dash of Lime or turned into a Shandy
  9. How do you like your steak?

    Always been a Medium Rare Lover I like a Little Blood When my Dad was Alive he liked in thrown in the pan turned over and thrown on the Plate think he called it Blue I always Pictured him Running after a Cow with a Knife and Fork
  10. November 17th - Gears of War 2

    I'll be there
  11. November TFIF Community Vote

    I might still have a Code for it if you want
  12. iPhone or Samsung

    I'm the other way I can't get on with I-Phones Apart from 1 I-Phone I've had Samsungs going right back to the Samsung D50 Slide phone not even Fussed about if it's the Latest Model or not my Galaxy S3 still does the Job and I'm Happy with that
  13. 10th November: Titanfall 2

    Damn I Missed out on a Horde Mode Gonna Ban my Cousin from coming over after 19.00
  14. 10th November: Titanfall 2

    Sorry about Last night, Hate it when Visitors show up and seem to stay Forever, Maybe Next time