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  1. 13th October: FIFA18 Clubs

    Cheers for the games last night lads enjoyed it even if I did have what was probably the worst miss ever seen in a FIFA game although my blushes were spared when it was offside.... which of course I knew
  2. 20th October: Community Vote

    I cant seem to vote but id vote fornite as ive not played it but I hear a lot of good things about it
  3. 13th October: FIFA18 Clubs

    Id like to get involved I can play ST CAM WINGER CM or CDM although my prefered position is CAM as I like to make goals for others. If your stuck for an ANY I can play that too used to do it a lot for my club on previous fifas but where ever there is room im happy to slot in.
  4. 27th October: Prominence Poker Sign Up

    Id like to join in this lads if I can, love a bit of poker and its been a while.
  5. Clubs

    Sounds grand buddy ill throw a request in, ya cant beat quality football and a bit of banter over the win at all costs mentality and cheap tactics, thanks
  6. Clubs

    Hi Lads Is there a FIFA 18 club within the webite to get involved with? Cheers Nerve
  7. Anyone play CoD Much?

    Deffo getting WW2 , been waiting what feels like forever to get a boots of the ground COD. The Beta was rather impressive too.