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  1. What's your favourite lager?

    Don’t have a favourite whatever is on offer. Bud, Fosters, Carling ect. More of a vodka drinker myself
  2. How do you like your steak?

    Medium man myself
  3. Xbox One X Review

    Benefits of having two Xbox systems plus wife being pregnant so she goes to bed early 👍🏻
  4. Xbox One X Review

    They say it should still improve 1080p quality and unless I have missed it I don’t think Rocket League is 4K but looked very crisp last night. But for the small change I would not rush out unless you own a 4K TV
  5. Xbox One X Review

    I thought I would post something about the X now that I have one maybe to help people decide on if they should pay out for it or keep with the S. I will try to keep it basic but any questions people have let me know. • First of all the console itself, looks identical to the Xbox One S but finally it is now in black. It is heavier than the S but not a huge difference. Controller is nice but nothing stands out compared to the controllers already used however will be using my Elite Controller so this will just sit as a spare. • Setup is exactly the same although I did like the little feature when downloading the update you could log onto a website and set your settings for your console. Although this wouldn’t of taken much time to do it was a nice touch that you could be actually doing something whilst waiting for it to update. • When all done I was hoping when it booted up I would get the wow factor. This was not forthcoming but quickly worked out why. My console display settings were to 1080p. I am not sure if this is standard as would of thought the system would of automatically selected the best picture but when I selected 4K I held my breath and waited to accept the settings. All I can say from that point was WOW! The dashboard (home) looked crisp, text more clear and for me with poor eyesight I could read everything clearly instead of squinting to read. At this point I was thinking things were looking good. However the size of some of the downloads to run 4K makes the 1TB drive pointless. Surely a minimum would be 2GB. However for myself not an issue as have a 4tb hard drive but might be worth investing if you don’t have one before buying the X. • Games Games Games, end of the day this is what we use the Xbox for isn’t it. So far only played a few laps on Forza 7 which is supposed to be the flagship game for the new console. It does not disappoint, quality images great graphics and runs smoothly. I am very impressed with how it has turned out. Honestly seeing Videos does not do it justice. I hope to play a few more games to try but really happy with the outcome. • Overall it is a better console, it clearly is better graphics than what we have had. Although is it worth £450? If you have a 4K tv then it may be worth looking into as you will not be disappointed however if you don’t have one then keep with the S. To spend over a grand for a new tv and the console itself it is not worth it. Inwould give it 4 out of 5 with the only thing not givIng it a full 5 is the price.
  6. iPhone or Samsung

    Does it crash? That was the issue I had before
  7. November TFIF Community Vote

    Sure if you have it, I will double check tonight before confirming
  8. iPhone or Samsung

    My contract is up in a month and get upgrade apparently this Friday. However for the first time Incan remember I have not chosen what I want. Currently I have a iPhone 6s Plus and still happy with it. Therefore I am tempted to just get a sim only deal. New iPhones don’t seem much different to what I have but is that me? I have had a Samsung once and didn’t like it so swapped back to iPhone however everyone seems to rave about them so maybe Indidnt give it a chance. Thrrefore can anyone recommend a good phone. Mainly check the internet and emails as well as play the occasional game.
  9. November TFIF Community Vote

    Guess it is Gears 2, see you all then. Don’t think I have it but will join the chat for some bants
  10. Is the Force strong with this one?

    Was tempted but have many games to play already. May wait until appears on Access but if get some spare time may use the free trial period to take a look
  11. Will you be buying the Xbox One X?

    Mine should be with me in a couple of days
  12. Anyone about

    If you ever fancy a game drop me a message on live as well. May not be on but will message me on the phone. Was only being board watching England so would of joined
  13. Happy birthday switch!

    Happy b day
  14. Favourite Christmas Films

    Die Hard is always a classic Xmas film.