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  1. TGIF - Prominence Poker

    This weeks games TGIF event will be on the free poker game Prominence Poker. Event as usual will start at 8:30pm. Please can everyone register their interest so when 8:30 comes we know who to send invites out. As this is a Poker game I will not be broadcasting this week however a big thank you to those who did view last weeks TGIF on Pure Pool.
  2. Hats off to Wenger

    It’s brilliant
  3. Hats off to Wenger

    Saw this and thought of Est
  4. Smart Watch

    In need of getting a watch, the current one I have the battery died and thought about getting replaced but then thought maybe time to invest in a smart watch. Anyone currently have one and can reccomed one. Looking at Apple Watch due to having a iPhone however hear the fitbits are just as good. I am no fitness freak but be interested in seeing what I get up to during the day just like the idea of having some sort of notification in reach esp with my mrs due in the next couple of months
  5. Rate the Last Movie you watched

    Star Wars Return of the Jedi Love Star Wars but was a little disappointed with film (no spoilers) Again kinda thought been here done that. This is why I think Rouge One was brilliant
  6. New Transfer Window Rumours

    VVD, good defender but not £75m, however Liverpool are desperate and looks as though they were going to pay whatever to get him so well done to Southampton in getting that price. Honestly I would of been looking at Jonny Evans from WBA. He is just as good in my opinion and would think the price would be well shorter. Anyway, not many transfer whispers I have heard from other teams however from my teams point of view I have heard Olivera off to Wolves and Cameron Jerome off to either Cardiff or Birmingham. As these are the two only strikers we have currently I cannot see either one going. The fact the strikers are crap this season and cannot hit the target but rather have a striker on the books then non at all.
  7. Public Cert on Private Router

    I have no idea first I have heard of it too
  8. iPhone or Samsung

    Only been a few days but phone going back. Phone itself I am very impressed with, rubs smoothly and also after a few quick YouTube videos it is easy to use just like the iPhones. Therefore I would strongly recommend this as a great alternative. However the reason it is going back is the terrible network that is Vodafone. In fairness to them they have honoued the 30 day return policy without arguing of making it difficult but what is a point of a phone if unless I am in the city centre I get no signal. At home is not an issue because I am using the Wi-Fi signal however at work or anywhere else I struggle. Got told theyvcoukd supply a signal booster box but there is no way my boss would allow me to have that at work. Therefore phone is going back and now I am without a phone for the time being. Still have my iPhone but in need of a network provider.
  9. iPhone or Samsung

    I think I am leaving iPhone and getting my hands on a Samgsung S8. Good deal currently with Vodafone can get phone free with 6gb data and unlimited calls and texts for £27 with paying £20 up front for phone. Thought this was quite good deal. Plus Vodafone conf if I buy online I can take back within 30 days if I don’t get on with it.
  10. FIA GT World Cup Pileup

    Why didn’t the cars go into ghost mode? Every racing game Ibhave played the cars ghost so you can drive through. Your not telling me that for all these years the games have been lying to me and it cannot happen?
  11. iPhone or Samsung

    Does it crash? That was the issue I had before
  12. iPhone or Samsung

    My contract is up in a month and get upgrade apparently this Friday. However for the first time Incan remember I have not chosen what I want. Currently I have a iPhone 6s Plus and still happy with it. Therefore I am tempted to just get a sim only deal. New iPhones don’t seem much different to what I have but is that me? I have had a Samsung once and didn’t like it so swapped back to iPhone however everyone seems to rave about them so maybe Indidnt give it a chance. Thrrefore can anyone recommend a good phone. Mainly check the internet and emails as well as play the occasional game.
  13. Favourite Christmas Films

    Die Hard is always a classic Xmas film.
  14. Survival


    I will be online if you fancy a game of something
  15. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Why? I think he is doing an excellent job. Makes the top 4 less of an issue for Manchester teams and Chelsea & Spurs. Only chance this year I feel is winning the Europa League but he doesn’t seem to want to play his full strength team.