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  1. Anyone about tonight? Would be really interested in playing a round on the Golf Club however up for anything really.
  2. Now heading on
  3. end of the day they won more this season than Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal Liverpool put together. Doesn't sound to bad to me 🤔 I would rather my team Norwich play boring football but win then watch attacking football and win nothing.
  4. If I can get on I will
  5. Just don't see the point in it. Most of the xbox one games I have due to being the games with gold givaways.
  6. Not sure if everyone is aware that both finals will be shown on BT showcase for free. As a supporter of a little team I am hoping for United to bring it home for England and for Madrid to beat Juventus.
  7. Thoughts go out to everyone effected with the tragic events last night. Although not from the area it still feels close to home.
  8. I am shocked about his death. To think he raced motorbikes, won titles only to die aged 35 on a cycle in Italy. Watch MotoGp and he was always one of the riders I supported.
  9. Game of football is not pre planned therefore my feeling is that rules have been broken and the fact Sunderland agreed to it makes it worse. In the end are you telling me during the 26min Chelsea would of not received the ball at some point so could of punted the ball out of play. I don't like the idea that a game could be decided even before the the game kicks off. It brings out so many questions like for example if a game involving 2 teams only needed a point each for safety, qualification or whatever do they agree it behind closed doors? Me as a huge football fan would like to think that is not the case but this now raises doubt. Cannot stand Terry, he had his bloody speech at the end, what gives him the right in deciding how he walks of the pitch and what time etc. Chelsea should be fined as well as Sunderland and Terry should bugger off to the states and earn his millions and stay there.
  10. Sorry my friend now off to bed
  11. Not a problem just thought would be best i it's own forum. What time are you planning on getting on? I should be in from 8pm