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  1. Chicago Fire (Bresy) 1v2 FC Seoul (xPoundyx)
  2. Forza 7 Demo Out Now

    Forza 7 Demo is now available in the Xbox store. One of the games I am looking forward to. Will be 100% getting as decided against Gran Turismo for the PlayStation. Hope there are members here who will also be purchasing so we can get some racing championships going.
  3. Chicago Fire (Bresy) v FC Seoul (xPoundyx)

    Ok it will have to be then
  4. FIFA 18 - 10 hour free time

    Heads up If you have EA Access FIFA 18 will be out this Thursday. I am not sure if online multiplayer will be available however if it is be good to get some club action going?
  5. New Features Galore

  6. Logo

    Cool, it doesn't matter but thought I would just say in case it has been missed
  7. N00B

    Welcome along
  8. Logo

    Prob already been noted but the new colour black doesn't go well with the logo. Unless we are called box society 😂
  9. FIFA 18 Demo

    Anyone downloaded it yet? Had a quick go last night and played the Alex Hunter story mode. Nothing jumped out at me that was hugely different to FIFA 17 however as only playing as one player it was hard to test everything out. Still undecided if I am going to purchase this or not. If I do it will only be a physical copy so can trade in when it comes out on EA Access. Maybe gut wait until it comes down in price as usually a few weeks in it goes on offer.
  10. Al Ahli (DJChrisDC) 1 v 3 FC Seoul (xPoundyx)
  11. Article feedback

    Never read articles or reviews. Rather watch game clips and make my mind up that way. Not saying I wouldn't read anything on here posted by members but rather speak to people about it instead of reading about it.
  12. Shenmue 3 Trailer

  13. Football Discussion (2017/18 Season)

    Watching Arsenal was like watching us against Millwall. Least they are in the Premiership unlike us.
  14. Changes for September

    Why don't someone who sets the track also sets the tune. That way it will just be down to driver skill?
  15. Internet Provider

    After being done over by Virgin I have told them to stick it. Only signed up to their gaming broadband a few months ago and already sent a letter saying my price is going up. Called up to cancel and was told that they could knock the price down if I stayed. Agreed to this but what they didn't say was that they were downgrading me. This was never discussed. Called back to ask what is going on and they said the gaming service is no longer available and that they cannot switch me back. Therefore feeling cheated out of what I wa expecting and the fact they cannot offer me the service I agreed to I have activated my 30'day cancellation notice. Therefore can anyone reccomend a good provider? Our internet is always in use with either me on the Xbox or my boy on you tube.