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  1. 3rd November: Staff Choice

    Fingers crossed for what I think it might be 👍🏻
  2. 20th October: Community Vote

    No need to explain, we all have commitments other than playing on a games console. That is the best thing about this site there is no pressure in turning up or being any good.
  3. 20th October: Community Vote

    Main game neither but when you get a bunch of us together on clubs it is a good laugh and plenty of banter.
  4. 20th October: Community Vote

    Yeah we had others join after as well. Another good night 👍🏻
  5. 20th October: Community Vote

    Will be on about 9ish as well
  6. 13th October: FIFA18 Clubs

    Agreed, played better
  7. FC Seoul (Poundy) Vs Sao Paulo (KPDUB)

    Ooh, first semi I have had in for a while 😂 😜
  8. Forza 7 Demo

    Have to say I have noticed on most of the tracks now their are tire barriers well placed to stop cheating. End of the day look at F1, how many times do you see track limits being ignored. My point is as Long as it isn’t like going straight through a chicane I am happy for the slight corner cut as long as you keep a wheel on track
  9. Beta Test

    Sucks if it is true, I am not good at these games but even I feel if I got the same rewards as the best shooter then what is the point in even trying to win
  10. Gone Home

    That’s the vid I used too, I will try it again when I am in a better mood and watch the credits 😠
  11. 13th October: FIFA18 Clubs

    We have all been there on many occasions 🙄
  12. 13th October: FIFA18 Clubs

    Good shout There are games where playing out wide I don’t see the ball but keeping out there stretches the defence as well as good giving a option to switch
  13. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta

    Really enjoyed playing the game, waiting for the dlc to come down in price so can crack on with those
  14. 20th October: Community Vote

    Happy with any apart from Destiny as don’t have that. Picked Horizon 3 to mix it up
  15. 13th October: FIFA18 Clubs

    You know me, I like to play out wide on the left cutting in and setting up crosses.