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Xbox Society is an adults only gaming community.  We operate a casual, laid back approach because we appreciate that when you factor in family, work etc.. you might not get a lot of time on your beloved xbox and gaming hobby so the time you spend here needs to be hassle free and fun.

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Pubg finally gets full release

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Seems to have been on game preview for ever, but with the servers down now, the full version (1.0) will be released tomorrow

We are getting a new map, Sanhok which is a bit smaller than the usual ones to get the action started earlier and there is war mode which is basically Team Deathmatch, that should be fun if we can get involved in soem of that.

Downside is that here come the micro transactions for skins, outfits, emotes....the usual

Hopefully they will address connection issues and all the other stuff that gets reported because with BLOPS3 and BF5 on the horizon with their own battle royale modes, they could lose a lot of people to those games if this continues to disappoint (although I love the game still)

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Played it last nite for the first time in a while, I'm still pretty crap.  But it's alot more polished now.

Up for a game if anyone wants one, can't promise I'll last though 😁

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