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Royal Rumble 2019

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Even though its still a couple of weeks away, who will win the matches that are announced?


Raw Women's Title: Rowdy Ronda is a lock on to win against Sasha. Just see who's waiting @ Wrestlemania


Universal Title: (yawns) Brrrrrrrrrrrrrock Lessssssssnarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


SD Women's Title: Becky is stupidly over right now, but its too soon to take the belt from Asuka. No title change but winner could be anyone.


WWE Championship: Call me Fickle, but the new Daniel Bryan retains. AJ's contract is ending soon and there is talk of him heading for AEW. Can;t see a change here


Raw Tag-team: Who gives a shit? Creative doesn't


SD Tag team: Shano Mac and The Miz become new tag champs. This will be the first part of their Wrestlemania program


Men's Rumble: Only two realistic winners of this. Both are in line for a championship run this year. Almost impossible to choose between Seth 'Freakin' Rollins and the Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre.


Women's Rumble: Just like the blokes, hard to pick from two. Both will end up in the Main Event of Wrestlemania in a triple threat with Ronda Rousey. Becky will perhaps elbow her way into the Rumble after failing to reclaim the belt. Charlotte Flair has done just about everything else there is to do. They will be the final two and perhaps eliminate each other at the same time. Joint winners?


Any other ideas or predictions?

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Mens Royal Rumble - Seth Rollins although I want Finn Balor or Drew Mcintyre to win

Womens Royal Rumble - Charlotte

Raw Womens Title - Ronda Rousey to beat Sasha

Universal Title - Brock Lesnar

SD Live Womens Title - Becky Lynch - Sets up the Wrestlemania match for here and Charlotte after she wins the Womens Royal Rumble

WWE Title - AJ Styles

SD Live Tag Team Title - Shane and Miz

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