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Brendan Rodgers

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So as of Sunday morning the rumours surrounding Brendan Rodgers leaving Celtic for Leicester City after the sacking of Claude Puel became true at 8:30 this morning. 

A mate of mine, who originally told me that Rodgers was getting the job told me about this weeks ago and told us to prepare for this worst. My opinion on this is going to be of the rant variety with a few stories I’ve been told.


A dismal European campaign and getting put out the CL by AEK Athens for probably the straw that broke the camels back for Rodgers. With very little financial back we sold 2 players for almost £30million + £6.5million in January. We bought Edouard for £6.5million plus add ins which have not been met yet. Since then we have brought in about 6 loan players who need to go back in the summer and again we need to rebuild. After the Athens game I said that Moussa Dembele would leave, eventually he did with a day in the half in the window to go. I stood inside the training ground that day getting some stuff signed and you could just get a vibe off the players that they knew more than the ones at the other side of the fence. With 2 hours 2 go Moussa left for £20million and with no back up I think Rodgers knew his time was up. I will give Rodgers his due he has slugged it out, got through a very hard EL group with a limited squad. Now after being out out by Valencia and again very little backing in January he has decided this is the time to go. Now this is what annoys me.


Rodgers ha know since the summer the state of affairs surround the finances and could’ve easily left after the Rangers game in Decemeber. This might’ve seemed the easy way out because we lost 1-0 by he seemed to be a man who would take it in the chin. At that time Celtic and Rangers were neck and neck. Fast forward 2 months and we are 8 points ahead and steering towards a 3rd domestic treble, this news is going to rock us to the foundations and the chat of going for 10 in a row is now out the window and myself personally I don’t think it will happen.


I knew Rodgers would leave us at the end of the season. That I can accept.



Just need to wait and see what the future holds



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Yeah I think the decent thing would be to see out the season with Cetic, but not surprised with him

He is very good at saying things like "I love this club and don't want to leave" and "I have no intentions to sell that player", then goes back on them every time

  • I remember when he joined Liverpool he had promised Swansea he wouldn't poach any players - then bought Joe Allen from them
  • There was the promise he made Suarez to sell him, then made him stay another season
  • All the crap he has spouted about Celtic and his dream club
  • All the rubbish around Dembele

But the Leicester fans are lapping it all up, no offence to Celtic but Leicester have got an average Manager there.     I'll give him his dues, he did okay at Swansea, but if you look at how he did at Liverpool - he inherited a team with Gerrard and Suarez who lets be honest pretty much those two were responsible for us nearly winning the title.  Then he wins the Scottish league in a one horse race league and that one horse is the team he took over, not exactly hard to win that league (again sorry no offence meant Celtic fans, hopefully Rangers will continue to get better)

Given the speed this deal moved (with Lennon taking over at Celtic) means this must have been planned a while, I feel sorry for how Puel has been dealt with

Anyway, I think its a bad move for him and I give him 18months.   



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The tweets from Dembele yesterday were so cryptic. Folk judged him for leaving and gave him a power of abuse and he was right all along.

I have calmed down a lot from yesterday but just his face all over everything today gets me angry

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