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Who will win the Champions League?

Champions League winner  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will win the Champions League this season?

    • Ajax
    • Barcelona
    • Juventus
    • Liverpool
    • Man City
    • Man Utd
    • Porto
    • Spurs

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Simple question, who is going to win it?   Difficult to say at this point as pretty much each team could beat the other in a one off.

To help, this is the SF draw

Spurs / Man City v Ajax/Juventus

Man U / Barcelona v Liverpool / Porto



Going to sound biased here, but I think Liverpool  are going to win it.  I think Porto will be a formality and we will play Barcelona in the semi.   We will get a good result away and do them at home.

I think Spurs will go through against City and will play Juventus in the Semi, but I expect Juventus to win.

So I'm predicting a Juventus v Liverpool final and think we will win it as we will be boosted by our league title win.

Yes I'm being massively optimistic here :lol: and have probably just jinxed it as we will get stuffed by Porto



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If there's any justice in the world, then Ajax would claim another prize. There isn't though. Have to be honest and say can only see one of two winning buying the Champions League: whoever wins the Man City vs Juventus semi-final


Maybe I shouldn't say this, but if those Spuds somehow fluke the astronomically minute chance/snowball's chance in a specific place, then I'm off to Mars

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The Final has Juventus and Barcelona written all over it. Ronaldo once again showing why he is, if not the greatest then one of the best ever. Everyone thought the Messi/Ronaldo saga was put to bed for a bit but I think it will be one of those 2 who have their hands on the trophy.

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