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How long til it kicks off with N Korea?

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KPDub    107

On one hand we have the Koreans latest missile test, openly developing nuclear weapons and boasting they can now hit America, led by a man who appears to be crazy and won't flinch at war

On the other probably the most powerful nation in the world who let's be honest could level North Korea if their equally crazy leader got out of the wrong side of bed one morning.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a conflict of some sort in our near future as clearly both sides want to piss the other off and we will reach a point where neither will back down

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xPoundyx    61

I hope it is all talk. It as you said both of them could wake up one day and press that button.

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Don't think NK have the balls in all honesty. They know the US Thaad system works, China is getting increasingly frustrated with them so their biggest ally might not back them when they are in the shit. 

I think Kim is flexing his muscles but when push comes to shove he knows one wrong move and NK will be turned into dust in a matter of hours. 

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KPDub    107

It would appear with the latest exchange, that Trump hasn't given himself much wiggle room now.  He has nearly backed himself into a corner whereby if he doesn't start some sort of military action, the North Koreans know that he is just all mouth and no action

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