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Xbox Society is an adults only gaming community. We operate a casual, laid back approach because we appreciate that when you factor in family, work etc.. you might not get a lot of time on your beloved xbox and gaming hobby so the time you spend here needs to be hassle free and fun.

We have plenty of events and leagues running, you can create your own blog and even your own club (just like on xbox live) and add forums, calendars to it

Rocket League Championships

Join in our monthly League. It's a 2v2 format, play with an AI or Human team mate
PC gamers are welcome to take part as well

Time Trialling with our Tour De Horizon Event

Time Trialling with a difference on Forza Horizon 3
PC gamers are welcome to take part

Golf Tours featuring The Golf Club 1 and 2

Why not waste an electronic walk and get invovled in the XBSGA Tours featuring The Golf Club 1 and 2

Choose the format of the championship

Championship Format  

6 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. How long should the championship run for?

    • Sort it in one night, everyone involved on in one big group
    • Run over a month, play fixtures when you are available
  2. 2. What format should it take?

    • 2v2 (Human & AI vs Human & AI)
    • 2v2 (Human and Human vs Human and Human)
    • 3v3 (with AI team mates)
    • 3v3 (without AI team mates)
    • 4v4 and beyond

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  • Poll closed on 13/08/17 at 08:30

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KPDub    107

Okay so after a couple of false starts here, we need to bottom out what we are doing with this.

I'd appreciate your input on this so we can sort out what we are doing.  This poll will be open a week to capture your opinions.

The two main areas to vote on are;

Championship Length

Do we run it over the course of a month or have a monthly cup type event, i.e. sort it in one night


We had originally spoke about 2v2 which is fine.  We can either play with AI partners or without or a mix of both.  Also if we go into the sorting it in one night option, then things like 3v3 and beyond open up, but realistically the more on each team, the less teams we have, if that makes sense

Anyway, vote away and offer any other options, suggestions :up:


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o0 Bresy 0o    2

I clicked on player and AI , but I think a mix of both would be the way to go as I know it can be hard sometimes to get 4 people together on the one night 

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ITSJUSTGlenn    74

I'm the same, should be human and human Vs Human and human or if one of the partnership cannot make it then the AI would replace them :up:

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I voted to do it over a month or so which is easier for everyone to make sure we get the games in.

I also like the idea of 3v3 I think it's more fun and easier to have defined roles rather than just 1 always defending etc. But I'd be happy to play 2v2 if that's the majority. Player v Player is always better as the AI's are probably better than us lol.

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KPDub    107
On 07/08/2017 at 19:19, JasonSchlueter said:

My vote shouldn't count.  I saw this on the home page and I didn't know it was for Rocket League.

Everyones vote counts :up:  Just cos you don't have it at the moment or planning to take part at the moment, you may do in the future (after all it involves cars :lol:) 

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