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After being done over by Virgin I have told them to stick it.

Only signed up to their gaming broadband a few months ago and already sent a letter saying my price is going up. Called up to cancel and was told that they could knock the price down if I stayed. Agreed to this but what they didn't say was that they were downgrading me. This was never discussed. Called back to ask what is going on and they said the gaming service is no longer available and that they cannot switch me back. Therefore feeling cheated out of what I wa expecting and the fact they cannot offer me the service I agreed to I have activated my 30'day cancellation notice.

Therefore can anyone reccomend a good provider?

Our internet is always in use with either me on the Xbox or my boy on you tube.

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I'm on Sky Fibre Unlimited.   Okay we dont' get the Virgin speed, but;

  • I ALWAYS get 34MB download
  • Connectivity always good even with the little one on ipad, wife browsing etc.. Also had no trouble when using TV Streaming services whether xbox running or other devices at same time
  • I use the tplink powerline adaptors so that essentially I'm wired to my router even though my xbox is upstairs and router is in the lounge.
  • Sky never throttle your connection.  Virgin are known to do this so you think you are getting 100MB, but if others are hammering the line, you receive the knock on effects as well
  • Only issue I ever experience is that very very occasionally, the sky hub needs to be rebooted


So I'd recommend sky



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As some of you know I had the worse speed ever up until March of this year (2meg download and 0.5 upload).

I have a company called Gigaclear who specialize in fibre optic broadband to villages that get low speeds, and currently on their 50meg upload and 50meg download speed, but can upgrade to 1gb but with a big cost involved.

But to help you out Matt, when I was on broadband through the phone line I used BT, then Sky, then TalkTalk, the latter being the worst provider I have ever had with so many outages and always blaming openreach for them.

Sky were by far the most reliable who managed to squeeze just under 4meg out of my line.


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I'm with BT on their Infinity 1 package. I get 50MB down and about 10MB up. I was on their Infinity 2 package but due to it being copper from the exchange into the house I didn't benefit. Their 2 package is supposed to be 78MB down and about 20MB up I was getting 50MB and 17MB up. 

Pretty happy with the 1 package, download is enough as is upload. Speed never seems to slow down or be throttled. 

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