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Welcome to Xbox Society

Xbox Society is an adults only gaming community. We operate a casual, laid back approach because we appreciate that when you factor in family, work etc.. you might not get a lot of time on your beloved xbox and gaming hobby so the time you spend here needs to be hassle free and fun.

We have plenty of casual and gaming events, you can create your own blog and even your own club (just like on xbox live) and add forums, calendars, galleries and blogs to it

Rocket League Championships

Join in our monthly League. It's a 2v2 format, play with an AI or Human team mate
PC gamers are welcome to take part as well

Time Trialling with our Tour De Horizon Event

Time Trialling with a difference on Forza Horizon 3
PC gamers are welcome to take part

Golf Tours featuring The Golf Club 1 and 2

Why not waste an electronic walk and get invovled in the XBSGA Tours featuring The Golf Club 1 and 2
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1 hour ago, nerveagent said:

Hi Lads

Is there a FIFA 18 club within the webite to get involved with?





Yeah, imaginately called Xbox Society :lol:  - we arent' very good, but like to have a laugh and play football properly rather than all the folk that seem to revert to cheap tactics and glitches to score / win

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