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So this is doing the rounds from a podcast - took it from skysports



Mark Clattenburg says he allowed Tottenham to "self-destruct" in their 2-2 draw with Chelsea in May 2016, so that he could not be blamed for Leicester securing the Premier League title.

Tottenham needed to beat the reigning champions at Stamford Bridge if they were to retain any hope of stopping Leicester lifting the trophy.

In a fractious contest, the hosts came from 2-0 down to claim a point with nine Tottenham players and three Chelsea players booked by Clattenburg

However, Clattenburg says he could have taken much more draconian action during the match, but was happy to let Tottenham "self-destruct" instead.

He told NBC's Men in Blazers podcast: "I allowed them to self-destruct so all the media, all the people in the world could go: 'Tottenham lost the title'.

"If I sent three players off from Tottenham, what are the headlines? 'Clattenburg cost Tottenham the title'. It was pure theatre that Tottenham self-destructed against Chelsea and Leicester won the title.

"Some referees would have played by the book, Tottenham would have been down to seven or eight players and they would've been looking for an excuse.

"But I didn't give them an excuse, because my gameplan was: 'Let them lose the title'."

Chelsea and Tottenham received record fines following the game, while Tottenham's Mousa Dembele was banned for six games for violent conduct.

Clattenburg added: "The physical contact that went on in the Premier League - that was the theatre, that's what people loved. They love a tackle, they don't want it punished."

Clattenburg left his job as a Premier League official earlier this year to become head of referees in Saudi Arabia.



Is this tantamount to match fixing?  Saying he let Spurs self distruct, deciding he was going to let something happen before the game started suggests to me that he was favouring one team and therefore is match fixing.

It's total bollocks what he says, had he sent one player off, it could have calmed down the whole atmosphere and maybe a different result would have happened - maybe spurs would have been champions?

But this is typical Clattenberg, I always thought he was dodgy as f*ck - the amount of games I saw him ref United and he failed to send players off which benefited United, sure he would have done it for other teams as well.

Spurs and Chelsea both have rights here to get those fines back they received for failing to control their players and what this has done has tainted Leicesters title as Clattenberg influenced this result.  Okay it may still not have mattered, but we will never know now.


But for me what makes this worse - is that given FIFA have been itching to stick one on England for ages, he has just opened the door for them to do us for match fixing, even if it was only Clatternberg, even if it was only this one game - the man is a total dick

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