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Welcome to Xbox Society

Xbox Society is an adults only gaming community.  We operate a casual, laid back approach because we appreciate that when you factor in family, work etc.. you might not get a lot of time on your beloved xbox and gaming hobby so the time you spend here needs to be hassle free and fun.

We have plenty of casual challenges and competitions, as well as league competitions featuring FIFAcoupled with weekly gaming events and a friendly, vibrant community

Thank F*** Its Friday

It's the end of the week, you've worked hard and now its time to chill out and take out that aggression on someone virtually :)
Fun starts from 830pm every Friday
Join the fun


  1. Broke the Ice

    You've introduced yourself to the Society

  2. I got you something

    Send an item from the members shop as a gift to another member

  3. You have the floor

    You've started 10 topics

  4. Beers on Me

    Buy and gift ten items from the members shop

  5. Just the ticket

    Used your first shop item

  6. Gifting Guru

    Buy and gift one hundred member shop items

  7. Big Spender

    Used ten shop items

  8. Bought the World

    Used one hundred shop items

  9. Thumbs Up

    React to another members content

  10. High Five

    React ten times to other members content

  11. I like it a lot

    React one hundred times to other members content

  12. Making people happy

    React two hundred and fifty times to other members content

  13. Cheerleader

    React five hundred times to other members content

  14. Put a monkey on it

    Earn at least 50 points through community activity

  15. Ain't that grand

    Earn at least 1000 points through community activity

  16. Account for every penny

    Earn at least 10,000 points through community activity

  17. Take it to the bank

    Earn at least 100,000 points through community activity

  18. Mr Moneybags

    Earn at least one million points through community activity

  19. The Announcer

    You've started 100 topics

  20. Conversation Conductor

    You've started 250 topics

  21. Orator

    You've started 500 topics

  22. Replied

    Replied to your first post

  23. Getting Chatty

    Made ten posts

  24. Conversationalist

    Made 100 posts

  25. Gift of the Gab

    Made 250 posts

  26. Jibber Jabber

    Made 500 posts

  27. My First

    Join or create a club

  28. Clubber

    Create or join 5 clubs

  29. Getting amongst it

    Create or join 10 clubs

  30. I love gooooolllllllld

    Become a gold member

  31. That's me

    Add an avatar to your profile

  32. Seems like only yesterday

    Be a member of XBS for a year

  33. Doesn't time fly...

    Been a member of XBS for three years

  34. Part of the furniture

    Been a member of XBS for 5 years

  35. I like you

    Someone has liked your content

  36. Your stock is rising

    Your content has been given at least ten likes

  37. You're on fire

    Your content has received at least 100 likes

  38. Mr Popular

    You have received at least 250 likes for your content

  39. A beacon of popularity

    Your content has received at least 500 likes


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