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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One (and maybe PlayStation) soon.

    It's very much like The Hunger Games and starts with 100 players parachuting from a plane onto a large island, where they then search for weapons and gear before a brutal fight to the death as surviving players edge closer to the centre of the island, so last man standing wins. 

    At the moment it's only available to play currently through Steam Early Access, but at E3 2017 it was announced the game would come to Xbox One, with the possibility of adding cross-platform play between PC and consoles being considered.

    Below is the trailer for the Xbox One version.


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    Yeah I'm going to get this. It's bloody fun (from what I've seen) and if you play it in squads (can be 2 players or up to 4 I think) then it's even better and gets really tactical going hunting for gear and players. 

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    I watched this on Mixer too, looked interesting and potentially a lot of fun especially if you manage to survive in your own squad / team of players till the end, then who turns on the other first :lol:


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    Looking forward to this one watch it on mixer looks good fun, it looks like everything DayZ could have been. 

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    I've been hearing that the Xbox One version of this is going be at Gamescom this month. I expect if it is, it'll probably be running on the X, but I'd love to see it on the One, just to see if they can keep the player count at 100 and see what the fps is going to be on the console version. I'm expecting it to probably run at 30fps, but I'm hoping for 60fps.


    Anyway, can't wait for this. It should be a good laugh playing with friends. 

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