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    Xbox One X

    Still debating whether or not to get one? 

    As the release date draws closer, more and more details about the sparkling new Xbox have been revealed. Opting not to wait until the brand new generation of consoles, Microsoft went along with plans to produce their new console – codenamed Project Scorpio – sooner rather than later. This November, the Xbox One X will finally get a release. Much of what was known about the new console was based on a few technical specs that had been previously released. A much better picture of the machine’s capabilities have been supplied ever since it’s E3 reveal.

    Compared to the Day One launch of the vanilla Xbox One, the X has four times the graphical power of the current range of Xbox’s. Games will now be able to perform at a much higher frame rate with superior resolution. The new console has 40 customised Radeon compute units running at 1171MHz. The current Xbox only has a dozen units, while the PS4 has 36. For all of us non tech-heads, this basically means that Microsoft has managed to redefine how consoles are built. The machine’s clockspeed is now comparable to a desktop GPU. The custom AMD GPU and a quartet of shaders all benefit from this higher clock speed.

    The Xbox One X is about as close to a gaming PC as a console is likely to get, at least at the moment. The X’s x86 cores are almost a third faster than the current Xbox One. The X’s CPU is powerful enough to be called upon quicker due to an upgrade of the GPU command processor, this basically boosts the processing speed available to the console.

    I don’t have a 4k TV

    Microsoft have incorporated super-sampling. Higher resolution titles will scale down for the benefits of 1080p users while maintaining Xbox One framerates. There is a noticeable different in sharpness between the new consoles and the older ones. For gamers that have a basic 1080p TV, the X will add significant improvements. 

    So what can I play on it?

    Future games will no doubt be developed with 4K in mind, but at the moment there are no dedicated titles that are exclusive to the X. However, a report made in April 2017 indicated that certain titles would have 4K support. Some of these are available now, others are due for release later in the year. These include:

    •  Forza Motorsport 7
    • Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Call of Duty: WW2
    • Crackdown 3
    • Star Wars Battlefront 2
    • State of Decay 2
    • FIFA 18
    • Gears of War 4
    • Final Fantasy XV
    • Minecraft
    • Killer Instinct

    Other titles are included in addition to the games listed above. Backwards compatible titles, even from the original Xbox, will also be available for the Xbox One X as well.

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